Hello everyone... *toke*

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Menace, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. <center>[​IMG] Hello stoners... I signed up on valentines day, and I figured I might as well post a hello note... So, SUP!



    I hope to burn many 'a' bowls while chatting with you stoners... Peace! [​IMG]
  2. Welcome to the melting pot!
  3. HIGH!!! Geezuz....I finally found my twin!! Happy token' to ya
  4. welcome to grasscity, sit back smoke a bowl and enjoy the ride ~~
  5. Welcome new blade. Just smoked a bowl by my lonesome and I'll be relaxing here all day. Tomorrow's President's Day so no work or classes tomorrow! Wooo hoooo!

    I'll just be cleaning up around here and maybe do a little work on my grow room tonight. Gotta love Sundays...
  6. ahhh, thank you for the [​IMG] <font color="red">warm</font> [​IMG] welcome... pretty cool of you all... :) ...well, i'm gonna get some dinner, smoke a fat bongload, and probably browse the board some more... talk with you all again soon i'm sure... ;) ...peeeaaace
  7. Well glad to meet ya menace. nice pics-really. he he he . hope to see your posts around-

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