hello everyone!!!!! such a nice site!!!!

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  1. i'm just registered and finding my way around and believe you are all doing a great job. i actually am trying to find out about employment in amsterdam. call me crazy but i want to move there as is sounds like it would be my cup of tea. i understand it is a socialist government which i think is why it is such a together place. i am a nurse and would like to come and be a member of a society that is normal. i am 48 years old and have been in trouble here (US) for my beliefs and lifestyle since forever and want to be someplace where i am not disrespected for being me by the government. i am of dutch disent and thought it would be fitting. anyone know anything? [​IMG] null
  2. High.. :D

    Hey there Wilhelminah let me be the 1st to welcome you aboard..I just sign up myself today an I find it a Awesome site..So hang around an check it out.. :D Stay cool.. ;)

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  3. Hi wilhelmina,

    Check out

    the english pages of the official city site of amsterdam, a lot of employment info etc.

    There is a very big need for nurses in the netherlands and you would definitely get a job a a nurse in amsterdam, guaranteed.

  4. welcome. make yourself at home.
  5. ah amsterdam, heaven. the place is heaven. i want to go.
  6. Welcome to aboard the board :) :p
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  7. Welcome, W.

    And thank you for the compliments. :cool:

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