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    hey everyone, new user here from the great state of florida!!!! ive smoked green for about 7 years now and i love it like i just started doing it yesteday.
    problem is ive smoked nothing but blunts and bowls.
    fast forward to yesterday, i bought this. and BOY have i been missing out... (world of difference)
     its eagle glass, an american glass company. 18 inch beaker bottom w/ tree perc. 5 mm glass. paid 125$ for it and came with a free grinder, extra thick joint and extra slide.thick, not too heavy but great quality.
    what do you guys think?


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  2. Never heard of eagle glass. Not sure about their quality but for $125 it looks good. congrats on your first glass! enjoy.
  3. Hello :) welcome to the city
  4. Hello and welcome. 
    I'd pay 125 for that. Looks nice.
  5. thanks everyone.
    its very quality thick glass. 3 of my friends have them and i decided based on personal experiences i like they way it hits better than most Roor's i tried. you can find them here http://eagleeyeglass.com
    so i had somewhat of a great idea come to me last night. so i went on a mini shopping spree on ebay last night and this is what i got... can anyone guess what im doing next?

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  6. dont everyone speak at once. lol
  7. If that's a glass stopper, then I'm guessing you're making a carb cap.. But idk what would be an advantage for having that. I mean any different than a bowl being pulled. I would get a nail for the other side so you could mix trees and concentrates! But that's just somethin I've always wanted to do.

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    You gonna rig up a double bowl setup?
  9. that double bowl idea you have is going to be little bitter sweet, i can tell you that right now. 
  10. You heard it here first.
  11. Good deal for $125!
  12. ^ thanks.... so now all i need is another ash catcher and im set!! so very glad i got this double bowl/ ash catcher attachment! the hits are incredible and all my friends i had over wanted to take the 2 bowl challenge. some did it with diff kinds of flower in each bowl. so happy with this setup!!! cannot tell you how stong and smooth the hits are.

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    Just ordered this from DabberWorld.com
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  14. ^^ VERY BAD ASS

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