Hello everyone. Glad to be on the freedom team.

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  1. Hello my name is Josh they call me J. I enjoy smoking, baking, growing, smelling, pretty much anything that has to do with cannabis. I do not call cannabis marijuana because marijuana is an evil name the government gave cannabis and cannabis never was evil or dangerous and never will be. It's perfect. I also call it the freedom plant. So I don't like to call it marijuana. I am looking forward to chatting with you all in the future once again I'm glad to be here. Thanks.
  2. Do you want us to know you a fed?
  3. A fed? lol haha I guess I went overboard with my post lol
  4. Yah you were a little to formal for most stoners. But welcome to the city. :wave: We've been having problems with kids under 18 lately. just to let you know
  5. Well glad to be here. But yea its just I really didnt know what to say.
  6. Well if u got a pic of a pipe you own feel free to go to toking tools and post it. Got any green go to stash jar. And if you need anything u can pm. have fun :wave:
  7. Hi hon! You like to learn about cannabis? :bongin:

    Then, I am your new best friend! :D

    Click that first link in my sig and start reading! :hello:

    I guarantee that your mind will be blown (in a very nice way) by what I have found on the medical uses of cannabis! :eek:

    Seems like cannabis is good for a LOT more than "just" getting high! :smoking:


    Granny :wave:

    ps- Start taking Omega 3! :)
  8. Thanks looking forward to learning even more about cannabis. Very interesting.
  9. Welcome :)

    You do come across as a cop tho haha...



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