Hello everyone from Washington State

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DailyChronicE85, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. hey everyone. i live in washington state and go to WSU. just joined but have been an avid smoker for about 2 years now and my smoking has picked up alot in the last year. the reason for my name is cause i am associated with a group of guys who always smoke together, called DC or daily chronics. the E85 is a nickname referring to ethanol. hah. but im about to go hit one of our bongs right now and will get back on here later. get at me.
  2. hey wats up bra, it's omaha over here, i'm actually thinkin bout takin a trip to seattle in the augest time
  3. sup man. thats sick. seattle has some some really good dank. alot of my buddies live in seattle, but in august i will be moving into my new house with some friends. its expected to be pretty awesome.
  4. bro, thats tight, maybe when i take a trip up there, i'll drop u a line *friend Request sent*
  5. I've gotta say that Olympia has some pretty good stuff too. Haha. That's where I am!

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