Hello everyone! Beautful lady from CA

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  1. New to this site although I have been seeing it for a while now in google.
    Stoner for 5 years. Young adult that likes to make a GOOD life for hersel
    live near SF say hello!
  2. Beautiful***
  3. Welcome to GC.
  4. Welcome to the City Lovly! I'm kinda new here myself, and a fellow Californian. So Cal to be exact. Happy your here!
  5. Thank you! Im happy to be here to this is just my kind of Site. Ill try to add people once i get on my computer!
  6. Welcome lovly. Have a great time while you're here and spread the good vibes.Keep it 100!
  7. Hello from the East Bay :wave:
  8. Hey! I like beautiful ladies...and ppl from CA... it was meant to be
  9. Good vibes all around!!! Im sparking a bowl in 5 minutes...
    Plz do The same:)
  10. Yeah lol Guys do
  11. Nice damien marley quote
  12. Ah thank you! you must be a fan? his music blows my mind
  13. Hi, hon! Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    May I invite you to educate yourself further about cannabis? See that first link down below in my sig? Click it and just read the titles! I'm not even going to ask you to read the 100s of news articles I have found about cannabis, or the more difficult medical studies- just read their little 1 or 2 line titles! :rolleyes:

    Cannabis is good for a LOT more than "just" getting high! It is (literally) a bloomin' medical miracle! [​IMG]

    Educate yourself!

    Granny :wave:
  14. hell yeah packed and smoked.... Frisco's not too far from ventura lets blaze it lol
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    Lol right on
  16. Full rep by the end of the week?

    Just kidding :D

    Welcome to GC
  17. A beautiful area, complimented by a beautiful woman.
    Glad you're adorning the forums, keep one lit for ol' dedboy, and smoke the skies gold for me.
  18. I love alot of his songs like road to zion for the babies and i cant recall other songs haha
  19. for suuuure. its almost 420. should toke it up
  20. Herro from orange county :)

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