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  1. This is Chillpup, and glad to join the Grassicity forum. I actively follow legalization and depending on the current issues, occasionally email politicians to support legalization.

    Just to be clear, I'm trying to change the laws, not only at the state level, but the federal level. That being said, I consider myself a supporter of marijuana legalization, rather than an activist.

    I have Tourette's Syndrome and when Illinois put that on it's list of conditions to qualify for medical marijuana, that's when I started to look at weed as something more than as something that's a banned substance. I guess that was about a year ago or so. I don't live in IL, but KY, and being a neighbor of that state, I got a letter from the VA detailing their stance on medical marijuana for states with medical/recreational marijuana. That really piqued my interest. I went straight from never thinking about it, to dang, I need to look into that.

    Now, getting to the skinny.. I'm on VA health, so I don't dare mess up my health benefits until weed is actually legal at the federal level. (/sad).

    I did smoke a few when I was a teen, but that's going back decades. .

    The story of how I joined the military with TS.. let's just say it wasn't hard to out think the *recruiter. But my symptoms actually got much worse in college. There's was way more stress borrowing money and passing college than the military ever was. ($30K military college fund doesn't really go very far when you stretch it out over a period of 8 semesters, even in the 90's). Anyway, TS and stress go hand in hand, and not in a good way. Hehe

    Happy toking ya all.

    * I did say I had TS, but I made it sound like it was an eternity ago. I suppose in plank time, it did feel like an eternity.. -I actually learned about Plank Time more recently, but that was my general mindset back when I was being interviewed for the Army. (96R Ground Surveillance 1988-1992)
  2. Welcome to the forums, "bud" ;) :bongin:
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