hello everybodies

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by merry, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. heya everybodies! nice to meet ya, a friend in a chat told me 'bout ya's..my name is merry and i am a friendly stoner from ht ...i forgot to ask my friends name here so's if ya see's me post let me know... if ya ain' guessed yet i am a hillbillie from the ozarks...and i hope ya'll can forgive me typin' but is just merry me...hehe...i have been looking at your forrums and think ya'll rock!...
  2. had to read twice to get it!

    anyway welcome ..

    to stone age !
  3. Welcome to the city friend.


    enjoy your stay

  4. ty ty for your kind welcome, i do believe i like this lil city of yours...once i figure out these posts i will be fine...haha
  5. Welcome to your new home on the 'Net. Enjoy your time here!
  6. Welcome to stoners paradise.. Don't forget to kick off your shoes at the door and also leave all of your extra bud with us every time you leave!! LOL
  7. Hey Merry welcome to da city!

    I'm from the ozarks as well, we hicks gotta stick togethor.

    Ever heard this one bout my brother?

    The hillbilly was whitewashing the interior of his country outhouse and had the misfortune of falling through the opening. Standing knee-deep in shit, he hollered, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" at the top of his lungs. The local fire department responded to the alarm on the double, with tires squealing and sirens screaming as they skidded to a halt in front of the privy.
    "Where's the fire?" called the chief.

    "Ain't no fuckin' fire," replied the farmer as they hoisted him out of the two-holer, "but who the hell would've rescued me if I'd yelled, 'Shit! Shit! Shit!'?"

    Ahh geez am I really high.... *falls over*
  8. haha! *trips over omicidio* good one...once again ty to everyone for such a nice welcome...and bud head, i have never had extra bud...lol...but if i ever come across such i will...LoL

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  9. Welcome to the city!! I love that little smiley :D
  10. Welcome To Pot Head Society !!!

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