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  1. Hi,
    Here I have is 5 inzane in the membrane ladies. It is my First time using this strain. I’m using destiny grow systems dark matter as a medium first time. Lol
    Didn’t realize the run off was around 2200+ ppm. Until after they were transferred. I flushed with 7.0 RO water and growth plus.
    The problem is I am Still having issues.

    Ph run off 6.2-6.5.
    LED lights are 7”-9” above canopy.
    I have a fan blowing the top of the heat sink and the plants themselves.
    Room temp is 76-78. Humidity is 55%.
    The run off of the plants were 2000-3000ppm. So I flushed till runoff was about 400-600ppm so I put them back in and it’s been three days.
    Stays moist and wet for 5-6 days.
    I’m getting curling thinking it’s overwatering since I just flushed them not sure three show the same signs.

    But the smaller ladies aren’t doing so well.

    LED lights are quantum board lm301b 4000k 240w two panels. On a dimmable switch that’s set to about 140w.

    Feeling like the high ppm in the destiny dark matter set this back.
    But is the ppm still to high in the medium for that small of a plant?

    Any help would be appreciated and I am open to learning and want to be happy and gain knowledge from my hobby.

    Thank you,
  2. I dont know about planting, but i'm sure 95% of the people on this forum would like to see pictures. GL!
  3. Photos incoming
  4. Hi nunhunter. Welcome to GC. :)

    Without pics it's hard to diagnose, but it looks like you did the right thing getting the ppm down. It sounds like your plants are overwatered at this point -- no surprise there, after a major flush.

    The standard recommended distance for most LED lights (including QBs) is 24" for vegetation mode and 18" for flowering. (It varies by manufacturer, but generally that's the distance they recommend.) There is a rule of thumb that if the light feels hot on your hand (placed at the same height as the plants) it's too hot for the plants. This can lead you to believe that if it's NOT hot, it's okay... but this doesn't take into account the actual lux on the plant which doesn't feel hot but will still adversely affect growth. Of course, your lights may be placed perfectly! If you don't have any bleaching/burning on top, you're probably good to go.
  5. Photos incoming.

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  6. Hey mate,
    I raised the light to 12” above pots and turned up the dimmable switch to almost full 240w.
    Left guy is stretching. I’m guessing my ppm is still to high with this pre fertilized soil at 400-600 ppm for run off eh? The water was at 20ppm and 6.2 ph.
    Thank you for the reply!
  7. But doesn’t look like I have light bleaching. The new growth is kinda yellow but it comes back to green.
  8. This page on light stress is pretty informative.

    This page is pretty informative about PPM.

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  9. After ur soil is flushed like that should be down to around 200 ppm. I'm sure a slurry test will show u the same thing. If that soil doesn't buffer out u are going to have problems! Let it dry and do a slurry . U haven't fed right only flushed? I should be under 300.

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  10. So when ur soil is dry ready to water or feed, do this
    Take a large shot glass of soil from ur plant and the same amount of distilled water and put in a cup. Stir around. Than put one meter in and get a reading. Than the other. So that will give u the true pH of ur soil. The ppms will tell u if ur plants are eating ur feeds or if they are hungry. So if I get a reading of 350 or under I feed. If it's over 350 i water. It's just that simple

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  11. Why I stay with happy frog soil. Very mellow especially when ur ready for flower. I had this issue with roots 707 soil.

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  12. Hey papa puff. I ended up bringing the light to 18”. I flushed the smaller ladies some more down to 200 ppm. Some very helpful information. I did that originally with the soil once I saw the issues.
    Buddy told me it was great so I trusted. Lol

    So once they dry out in 5-7 days I’ll test soil again.
    When I transplant I’ll probably use sunshine 4 mix. Or maybe get perlite coco and peat and add to the destiny lol. So it’s down to 400 ppm

    Any suggestions for some soil to transplant into? And for soil topper?

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  13. Thanks for the informative links. This will have a positive impact on my current grow.
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  14. Much love updates coming in a couple hours or tomorrow.

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