Hello and high from Lancaster, CA

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    I just started lurking again around here but I felt like I should say high again in case there were other users in the area. I just moved out here for work and left my German Shep/Lab mix at home because the apartment doesn't allow pets. I love sports, art, TV/movies, comic books, and working out (it sucks having no connections out here because I really have a problem with my appetite and have a hard time even forcing myself to eat sometimes so it makes it that much harder to gain weight). I'm working full-time so the lack of things to do isn't so bad but it also sucks that Los Angeles is about an hour away WITHOUT traffic. 
    Just before I was about to press "post new message," my downstairs neighbors just got into a fight and the boyfriend threatened to put his girlfriend's father "in the ground." Holy shit I def need to be high for this.

  2. By any chance do you know how it is out there in terms of growing outdoors ??

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