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Hello all

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Relleck, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi I'm new to this community and I was just wondering if someone could help me with all of the slang words, I'm not too sure much of any of them.

  2. Yea man no problem, just do a search here on GC for "slang" or "weed terms" or just something of that nature and you'll find a thread with everything you need to know. Welcome to GC :wave:
  3. Weed = God's favorite plant.
  4. What slang don't you understand? If you're more specific we can help you better.
  5. blades,bump,Op. Things like this?
  6. I speak fluent jive. If I can be of any assistance.
  7. I know this like op and stuff like that from other forums. I'm not sure like what dank is,meds, reggies. Or weed related terms
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    Dank = Good weed. Usually smells "interesting" to say the least. Looks very nice (as in well grown) and has plenty of trichomes (also called trichs, crystals, or pollen).
    Mids = Bud that has either been stored improperly or grown improperly, causing the quality to degrade.
    Reggies or regs = I tend to think of this as another term for mids, but I've seen plenty of people on here refer to "schwag" as reggies or regs
    Schwag = the worst of the worst. Looks terrible, has tons of seeds, smells bad, etc.

    Bong slang
    Downstem: The tube that the smoke travels down towards the water.
    Diffuser: A downstem with multiple holes or slots drilled in to it to allow for more bubbles to be created, which increases the surface area of the smoke to the water, which in turns cools down the smoke even more.
    Percolator: A device within the bong itself that basically acts as another downstem. There are literally hundreds of different types of percolators, but the most common are tree percs (known as X arm tree percs, where X indicates how many "arms" are on the "tree") and dome percs.
    Ice Catchers: Also called ice pinches, these are always placed above the water/any percolators and allow you to stack ice in the bong.
    Ash Catchers: As the name implies, they catch the ash that falls down from the bowl. As far as I know, they always imploy a percolator of some type to also help cool the smoke.

    Also, I'll attach a picture so there shouldn't be any misunderstanding.


    The arrows indicate which stage the trichomes are at, from least mature to most mature:


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  9. What's trichromes? :x
  10. See above picture for reference. Trichomes are what contain all those cannabinoids that get you "high". They contain mostly THC but also contain several other cannabinoids that have their own effects. I won't go in to too much detail but in case you want to know more there are plenty of articles chock full of information on cannabis and it's cannabinoids.
  11. Thanks, that cleared up a lot :)
  12. Glad I could be of help :smoke:

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