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  1. i am currently on my 3rd flower grow. i have had good success with hawains. now i have one god bud. and two white-skunk that have weird buds on one of them. very lanky and lose buds. not runny....just weird. i had a timer mishap a few weeks ago. seems supplemental lights were back on 24/7 for about 4 days. oops!. then back in 12/12. so the buds looked like streaching, then back to filling in. lol. think they are going to be in total of 10 weeks this sunday. gave my widow seedlings to a freind. so we will see which strain is better. white widow, or white skunk. i also have some seeds called "medijuana", that i plan on sprouting in a few weeks. high hopes for the god bud i waa given...any =one can tell me what kind of high id expect from the white skunk, let me know. -phone
  2. Welcome to the City :wave:

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