hello all

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by magelet16, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Hi

    just another college girl who likes to have fun. uhm.... I guess a little bio would be good...

    I started smoking just after I turned 16, but it took me a FULL YEAR! before I actually got stoned. It was quite nice. I smke up every day when I can, but things usually don't work out that way
  2. Hello magelet16
  3. Welcome to Grasscity Magelet16!

    This is a pretty cruisy place. I haven't been here that long but everyone is really nice. So kick back and join in the fun.

    What are you studing at college??
  4. I'm a creative writing major - you?
  5. Ahhh......that's the same course my sister is doing. She has this semester left and she's finished.

    As for me......I'm a drop out!!! I was doing bacholor of business, major accounting! I got offered a job and being always broke I took it. Then I fell pregnant, soooooo I'm doing stuff all now!
  6. Hey ther Magelet16!! a big HIGH to ya! Study hard,Party harder!! Rooooll On! Ya'll come back now Heah!!

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