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  1. Hi i'm a seattle grower thats been in retirement since 94' but now has come out for a few crops to show the young guys how the old timers do it. DIRT! I get 3 times as much yield as all my friends who swear by hydro and my pot is 1000 times better. So I ask myself WHY! I think its because they see it as technology I see it as a big waste of money and time.

    No offense to all you hydro growers but I just can't see the point of it all. My bud is always more dense and more loaded with crystals than anyone I know who grows hydro and i'm getting 8-10 Ozs to their 1-2.My secret is BIG HUGE BUCKETS!(I won't grow a plant in less than 2 cubic feet) And good soil + mylar+2 x 1000W halides + don't water the plants but a few times the whole crop(maybe once a week to 10 days) and spray the hell out of them all day every day with a good solution of miracle grow(can't find Peter's Professional anymore anywhere!).

    I've done it this way many many times and one of my plants usually looks like a whole crop of my friends plants.Simplicity SIMPLICITY! God made cannabis plants to grow in Dirt and any other way goes against the natural rythym of things if you ask me. Anyway enough ranting from me I'll be posting pics soon! 1 week in right now on a crop of Blueberry x godbud.:D:smoking::hippie:
  2. Welcome to the city! I know nothing about growing, I'm happy someone does, though. :p
  3. Welcome to GC! :wave: :D :bongin:

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