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  1. Hi all,Hart here.Well obviosly it ain't my real name but i guess it will do lol.Well i live in the ne of uk and im growing my second crop right now.First crop was just 5 plants and 2 of em tured out to be males but we let em flower anyway for the seeds.The seds we got strate from sensi seeds in amsterdam....dam nice place Amsterdam and id recoment the Boatell to anyone wanting a cheep stay there..lol..
    Anyway back to my growing.i grew them under floros and then 70 watt hps security light whiche cost the pricly sum of 21 quid...this time i decided to go big style and so i got a 600 watt hps and a 1000 watt hps air colled light from ...dam cant rember where i got em from..so iv got 9 white skunk and 10 sensi skung growing away...look at atachmet to see 'em at 16 days old today.anyway im having a few probs..maby ya can help.had a bit of yellowing of leaves between veins and in centre of plans so i fertelised em with 30-15-15..this seams to have sorted most of em but now im getting white roten paches on the leaves..iv looked under a small 1000x miscroscope and i cant see anything alive.
    i have been doing some building work recently and they did get verry dusty with plaster for a week or so.oh the fert was given 3 days ago ....im also getting a prob with a few of the leaves on some plants drying up and basicaly going bad.with dark almost black paches and some (and i mean maby one or two leaves out of whole crop)getting white streeks.and i have one plant which has refused to grow and looks like it needs cremating...what do you think ...???stress??dust???my first crop followed same pattern and i lost a few plants and id hate the same thing to happen again...soooo HHHHEEELLLPPP please lol...oh yea i have a tds wand and a ph wand...but i admit to being a bit carless with em..

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