hello all just stumbled across this site got some ??s

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  1. happy to be here hope it helps me out .well the reason i found this site is im thinking about growing indoors and was doing research about a system i might buy off craigslist . ive never grown indoors but the guy imgonna get the stuff from says its damn easy .anyways the system is going to be 1or 2 aero2 20s and a 1000w switchable ballast, hood ,6ft track both lights some super nutrients he said he'd throw in.what do you guys think he said $750 for all that.but iwas thinking it might be to much for a beginner . i was thinking maybe scale down to 1 aero2 20 ,600w ballast ,hood ,track,and lights he said that would be about $500 what do you guys think go big or keep it a little simpler or should i go a different rout altogether i have experience growing outdoors every year and i helped my buddy grow a little this year indoors in soil but i want to speed things up .thanks for reading this and i would greatly appreciate all info
  2. i just did the math on a setup for 4-8 plants and it ran $500 +/- $100.
    so i dno about that setup, it would save alot of time and effort, but growing pot is a slow process, your gonna have time on your hands
  3. the aero2 20 can accomodate 20 plants
  4. Prices don't seem outragous. Not sure how aero is for begginers though. I would reccomend a large DWC set up or SCROGing just a few again using DWC as it is very begginer friendly.
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    NFT is also very begginer friendly, it was my first grow 4 years ago and I still have the same system(a single 2 gallon bucket that I'm gonna use for a mother(once my seedlings grow up and get sexed))...... I refuse to grow in soil due to mold concerns... I smoked mold on bud 2 years ago and they had to stick needles into my lungs to drain the fluid, turns out I was about 2 hours away from drowning in my own fluids(this was about a week after I smoked)

    Also, I notice you're talking about two lights, but you only mention one 1000W ballast, if I remember right you can run 2 400W lights off of 1 1000W ballast... I think, I'm used to using one ballast per light

    Here's the best way to decide on that second areo system... look up the retail price and see if it's less than 250 (750-500)..... if it is buy it, because it's a deal......... I agree, 40 plants is too much for a begginer, but if it works out, then bam, you have the second aero unit ready to go for your next grow, or maybe just an offset harvest SOG style ;) :p

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