Hello all, 5 questions

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  1. Hello all!

    I have 4 white widow feminized plants. Right now they are in humadome with cfl on. 1 week old.

    Use to grow hydroponic years ago so have no idea about soil but want to give it a run


    4x4 tent / 600 w mh for veg and hps flower. ...
    Ventilation / temps good.

    Plan on keeping them under cfl another week or 2 before they veg under 600w MH.

    1. When do I move them into soil? In plugs now

    2. Do I move them to 16oz cups with soil or right to the gallon jugs?

    3. I have a dimmable ballast should i get them under 250w soon instead of cfl's. Raise high?

    4. I through some auto flower seeds in today I got as freebies can I flower them under MH with good results? ( have to use. MH because the 4 widow's will be veging.) I started them a week later then the widows hence no photo they have not popped. ( they were freebies so going for a quick yield on those)

    5. When do I add nutes and how much.?

    Thanks in advance any help much appreciated
  2. Well you'll likely be wanting to switch to 12/12 to flower those widows before those autos are done. Unless you plan on a 10 week veg. Lol.

    You could always just finish the autos last few weeks of their lives on 12-12. Not best idea but it's the situation you're in if your only using 1 light or 1 grow space.

    As far as cfl... 1 week from sprout is plenty. They could very easily transition to your dimmable MH now. Just give some space. I usually use about 18-24 inches above seedlings. And slowly raise setting up to 600w over the course of a week. Then I start lowering the light down to the sweet spot.

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  3. Also put your plugs in a Dixie cup 16oz or similar. Party cup...whatever. Allow a little root development for a week or two before transplanting to final pot. Good rule of thumb is when leaf sets over hang the rim of cup you can start thinking about transplanting.

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  4. Nutes will depend on What soil you're using. Generally speaking you should have enough nutrients within your soil to sustain the plants for a few weeks before adding nutrients. However a root accelerator could be beneficial this early on. When you start nutes...start light and go up slowly. For now just good clean ph'd water will be best.

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  5. Thanks so much for the info

    1. From the 16oz do I go to the 5 gallon? Anything in between ?

    2. I'm using fox farm for soil.

  6. If you have the space to go from cups to final pot size, that is the best way.  Less transplants mean less shock chance and more root growth

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