Hello all, 5 questions

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  1. Hello all!

    I have 4 white widow feminized plants. Right now they are in humadome with cfl on. 1 week old.

    Use to grow hydroponic years ago so have no idea about soil but want to give it a run


    4x4 tent / 600 w mh for veg and hps flower. ...
    Ventilation / temps good.

    Plan on keeping them under cfl another week or 2 before they veg under 600w MH.

    1. When do I move them into soil? In plugs now

    2. Do I move them to 16oz cups with soil or right to the gallon jugs?

    3. I have a dimmable ballast should i get them under 250w soon instead of cfl's. Raise high?

    4. I through some auto flower seeds in today I got as freebies can I flower them under MH with good results? ( have to use. MH because the 4 widow's will be veging.) I started them a week later then the widows hence no photo they have not popped. ( they were freebies so going for a quick yield on those)

    5. When do I add nutes and how much.?

    Thanks in advance any help much appreciated
  2. I have flowered autos under mh and the results are not as good as using mh and hps but it's still worth having them in there and I start my seedlings under my 1k watt mh and have had no problems. I just raise the light up higher than normal

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