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Discussion in 'General' started by galvingirl, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. hello, i havnt posted in a long time becuase i just got back from florida,i was ganna look for soem weed while i was down there, but i got side tracked becuae i was there for cheerleading nationals, but my team came in first place national champs! anyways just saying im back and i missed you guys
  2. Welcome back. Congrats
    You gonna be on ESPN and shit?
  3. hih! why dont you post some pics of the contest??

    I know weed like to see what a national champ look like!!
  4. Welcome back, I guess? I haven't been around long enough to say that, but anyway... How did you like Florida? :D
  5. haha, our team got 2nd place in the nationals for cheer & stunt in flordia! I'd assume its the same contest, or just a hugh coincidence

    Anyway, did you compete against a LHS from Wisconsin? If so, don't let all the bastards on our schools stunt team lead you to believe that everyone is Wisconsin have that much school spirit :D ;)
  6. yeah i should be on espn someitme, but im not sure when if i get a time ill post it and maybe some pics to if i can

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