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Hella sting operation or paranoid stoners?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dont trip, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Well i was probably in the sketchiest/shiestiest situation ever yesterday, or at least I think so. Here's the story:

    My friend, let's call him Bill, sells. I think he also sells random things, I know nothing of that and tend to ignore it. Well I've known him for a while and used to hang out with him when I was still in high school and before I moved. I only moved like 20 minutes from where I used to live but it's a huge culture change.

    Bill is pretty well known for selling, and the town he lives in has the most HORRIBLE police department I've ever seen. Cops there go to the extreme for small busts, usually against kids, but periodically against others. Bill and two other friends drove over to drop off a 10 sack and to match a few bowls, as we always do. The thing is this time he had a girl in the car.

    She was small and I've never seen her nor heard about her, and I'm pretty popular/well known around those parts, she said she graduated with him in his year but I can't remember her at all(maybe i smoke to much :p).

    Well I promised Bill an open crib after we toked up his car, just to hang and whatever for a while, and we sparked up in his car. We all hit the bowl except her, and Bill asked if she wanted some.

    She said she's never done it and started acting kind of funny, saying how it's illegal but sitting with us in the car hot boxing, just not smoking it. She wasn't against it and said she'd do more at my house(wtf).

    Well then she started acting funnier as I was getting higher, saying things like, and i quote, "I accidentally call 911 a lot, hopefully that won't happen, wouldn't it be funny though guys haha." everyone in the back was like wtf, Bill and her were in front.

    Well we kept going and she mentioned how she wanted to be a police officer. At this point i was like wtf and asked about it, and she quickly was like, "Oh but that was general, It's as much as I'd like to be an astronaut and what-not."

    At this point i was kind of freaking out, they technically had my address but there was no way I was going to let this girl into my house. I basically ditch them while apologizing to Bill(he didn't really care) and my buddies in the back, who were also trying to dip lol.

    I got home and checked her facebook later on, she knows NONE of my friends except Bill, one kid who was with me in the back(my best friend, she added him that night), and two other drug dealers i know, about the same level drug dealers as bill.

    Was I paranoid or was she about to arrest me?

    TL;DR, sketchy girl who doesn't smoke in car with us while smoking, she wanted to come into my house, made many police reference.
  2. Your paranoid as hell haha
  3. Idk man, seems kinda sketch...but im high so I dunno. Lol

    Talk to bill, how does he know her?
  4. Sounds weird.... but you should ask Bill if she was cool that night, I doubt that she was worth the concern.
  5. Paranoid. Just a stupid broad.
  6. you shoulda pulled a train on her anyways
  7. paranoid.

    from the sounds of it you are pretty young. probably still in your teen years (as you are referring to when you graduated as a measurment of age). never would the pigs send some teenage skank to arrest a bunch of teenagers smoking pot in a car

    i walk around the streets and chief openly. who gives a shit what are they going to give you a upm
  8. #8 Cantigo, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Just wonderful.
  9. "look b*tch you actin' goofy and sh*t, we just tryna get high and get you to fondle with our penises, I mean wha sup?"
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  10. Lol considering the police department around used facebook photo's to bust kids on the streets, i wouldn't be surprised if she was wired or something. They can't really do anything to me but I'm worried about Bill, if he goes down i lose my 1g/$10 and have to pay 2x as much.

  11. ....not to mention your friend would go to jail.
  12. Paranoid. She seems like she doesnt smoke and doesnt know the unwritten rule of MJ smoking where you dont talk about police or getting busted.
  13. I wouldn't want someone who "accidentally" calls the police on a regular basis in my house anyway.. How do you accidentally call the police? That's really weird. Hahaha
    Oh oops! I just dialed 911 in my phone. Golly, I meant to press 922. D:
  14. Don't worry I don't think it was a sting. I DO thinks she's stupid as fuck though
  15. I've actually done it twice. I have a blackberry. It's password locked and when you go to unlock you have three options Unlock, Emergency Call, Cancel. Accidentally scrolled down while trying to click and hit Emergency Call. It happens. This is precisely why I keep my phone keypad locked. That being said, I agree with you on not wanting someone that careless in my house
  16. That was what I thought.

    If she was really a narq she wouldn't have made a bunch of sketchy police references.
  17. Ahh, okay. I've had the same phone for the last like 7 years, so I'm not up to date on those fancy features they have nowadays. Haha
  18. Yeah, it's nice and all if you need it but it's a pretty annoying feature. They should just have your phone be capable of dialing 911 while locked. That way YOU are in control of it and don't do it accidentally.
  19. Undercover cops are allowed to participate in illegal activities. Anyways she mightve been scared that you all might take advantage of her, imagine being a tiny girl in a car full of bigger guys you didnt know doing drugs, she was just nervous, next time talk to her to break the ice dont be the creep that just glances real quick haha
  20. Damn, that seems sketchy. You are just paranoid, but still.. fuck her. Doesn't matter if she was a sting or not, she sounds like a douchette.

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