hella good deal....... but I'm kinda pissed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sticky_fingaz, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. I baught two cfl's from walgreens for 10.79!!! I go to safe way and c a 4 pack of the very same bulbs for 99 cents!!! I baught it of course but now I'm pissed off bout my 1st buy........go to safeway!
  2. um... too bad?
  3. maybe you should smoke a bowl and calm down.. eheh
  4. can you not return the first ones?
  5. A 4-pak of CFLs for 99 cents? Does not compute.
  6. Yeah I know....thjats hella crazy! Maybe they r trying to make it cheaper to buy those than regular so we will use them!!1 I compared the 4 I baught for 99 cents to my 10 dollar ones and they are even the same brand!!! No bullshit!! Imma buy buy like 12 more
  7. That deffinitly doesn't make any sense. A 4 pack for 99cents?!! That is un heard of. The electrical components in the ballast of each bulb cost more to make than they are getting for them! That means each light bulb cost you a quarter?? You have to be kidding me!!
  8. Dude I was pretty pissed about it!!! I mean I can take a picture of the pack and the receigt!!! But I literally paid 1.07 for 4 cfl's that replace a 100 watt regular, and puts out 1600 lumens!!!! Safeway dude......its a big company so if my safeway has them.....ur will most likely too!!! I didn't believe it at 1st either....I even told my mom about my growing and that I was upset from the 1st bulbs cuz I had to vent!!! 10 bucks is a lot to me....I am broke as fuck!!!! Imma go stack up on the bulbs from safeway tho.....they are even the same brand as the one I baught two for 10

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