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  1. Gave this bank a try..ordered the fastbuds Zkittlez during the buy one get one promo a few months back. During my grow I had noticed that many of the seeds were white. Our of the 10 seeds..five being free, 5 sprouted. The rest didn't even crack. Then came the more interesting part. I had grown a previous round of zkittlez...they were not purple like this. These things are nearly black on the leaves and the buds are pure purple nearly. Not even sure what they are to be honest..even though they were in sealed packs and obviously legit. I brought my concern to the company and they sent me five new ones. I don't know what is going on with fastbuds..but not sure what these are. What purple strains are their at fast buds. I would say they had good customer service to resend me seeds..even though it is kind of shady I am growing a strain definitely not what I ordered. Either fastbuds or HDSC has an issue.
  2. Haven't heard of them

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