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hella dank pickup for 20

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stonerwiz420, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. #1 stonerwiz420, Feb 6, 2014
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    check out this super dank shit i just got for $20, the guy who gave it to me said it's a hybrid and it's some shit called Cherry Kush, idk what the cross is but i took 5 pics, one of all 4 buds together, and one of each bud ranging largest to smallest. just added another pic today from my iphone with (hopefully) better quality, i turned the light feature on so hopefully it will have captured the hairs and crystals a little better.


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  2. well i'm glad that people like the picture but why is nobody responding to it? when i posted the other picture, i got replies within a half hour
  3. be patient grasshopper.  It doesn't help that the pics are poor quality.  Are you using a web cam? 
  4. #5 stonerwiz420, Feb 6, 2014
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    lol grasshopper, more like grass SMOKER!!! haha, yes i am using a webcam, it was the best quality i could get, if i used my iphone the quality would be horrible, i can try to get better pics next time, i still haven't smoked the bud yet so maybe i can figure out a way to enhance the quality, i tried to capture the crystals and hairs as best i could
  5. Looks pretty good man, Idk about that price though for the quality (not knocking your bud or anything man) are you on the east coast?

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  6. #7 emf3rd, Feb 6, 2014
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    How do you know it is dank if you have yet to smoke it...? o.0
    Otherwise, looks pretty good!
    EDIT: but it's not all about looks, now is it? ;)
  7. nah i ain't on the east coast, but dude these buds are dense as hell!!! it might be like 80% indica or something
  8. i think i'm gonna smoke it today with my homie, but it smells hella dank and it's super crystally, and the buds are super dense, it's a hybrid but it might be mostly indica
  9. looks good bro especially for 20 and that grade. Enjoy :smoke:
  10. thanks :) i just posted in apprentice smokers of whether i should grind up the bud or break it up, cause i'm about to roll a blunt with it, maybe you can be the first to answer, thanks in advance
  11. Of course. i would recommend grind it up if your rolling up for sure! that way you dont loose the potency by messing with it. but its up to your prefrence everyones different.  :confused_2:
  12. fa sho, thanks for that!! i wanna see what other people say too but your answer is great, i appreciate it, i'm using a 110mm roller to roll my blunt cause i haven't learned to roll them by hand, maybe because i'm using a blunt wrap instead of an actual cigar paper
  13. fuckin hell brah. i woodnt wipe my ass with that shit lol. get bak out there and work harder champ 
  14. Clean your nails bro

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  15. is that all you do? criticize people? anybody who's on this website shouldn't care what somebody's fingernails look like or if they're fat or anything, people are on this site to talk about weed and post pics and stuff 
  16. All I do? You haven't seen my posts obviously

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  17. good deal. good weed. cut your nails brah
  18. ight my bad, i'm sorry, but all i'm saying is don't focus on little things like someone's nails not being clean ight? it shouldn't matter, people are posting pics of weed, that's why we're all here
  19. hahaha brah

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