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Hell Ya!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. been watin for this day to come, my magical 420th post... i really want to post more tonight and prolly will, but for a while, its stayin right fucking there, lets all smoke in celebration of TIMS BIG 420!!!(o btw, im tim) :hippie: :hello: :smoking:
  2. i gots nothin to smoke
  3. I'll smoke to that! I kept mine at 69 for a while...

    EDIT: WOW, 100 for me!!!
  4. 420 is always a cause to break out the bong!!!!!!
    [bong rip] bubble bubble bubble pshhhhhhh cough cough cough [/bongrip]
  5. Me and Stylez will be sure to smoke a fat bowl for ya ;)
  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't give me a reason to smoke. i'm doing a pause here. don't tempt me. nononononononononononononononononon. argh. i'm bursting. i *need* a toke. k', just two more days and it's two weeks. i can hang on. really. big inhale, take it easy. yes i will survive :D

    (why do i torture myself so? prove a point maybe?)
  7. (Will...not....tempt...Zylark....)

    I'm smoking a fat ass bowl for your 420th, shoota. Congrats!!!!
  8. i got beer. it's my only comfort for the moment. but really. i think it is good for any stoner to take a small break from time to time. now, if it weren't so, umm, challenging.

    on the plus side i'm starting to finish some of the projects that didn't go anywhere when i was smoking constantly :D

    ohhh, and *real* work starts this monday. dude. i'll die. during this summer i have not been known to get out of bed anytime before 1400. and this monday. ohhh, 0800. jeez.

    but after work on tuesday. one MF big J that'll put me into a blessfull coma. i got it rolled up already. yay. ohhh, can't wait.

    i will already make a big apology for the surrealistic posts that will come sometimes around 1600 this tuesday.

    (now why do i do this. i'm a masochist)
  9. what the hell is p-dogg? im guessin it has somethin to do w/ the crystal, but i really gots no clue. o_O
  10. FUCKING SHIT ASS BITCH, bad luck, forgot i had no weed, i just had to find all the shavings around, and take the little little shit off stems n shit... barley got half a bowl... damn.... batter luck at 4200.... =D
  11. broad is the path that leadeth into temptation :D

    two more days and my sabbatical is over. one-two. much easier than one-two-three-four etc. two. 1-2.

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