Hell Rise III

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Yeah, it IS a freaky pic Amanita! Believe it or not it started out as a sunset/sailboat pic that I took in the Bahamas. Where the rest of it came from...it just appeared!!!
    Da Thanks For Da Reply"Captn
  2. Very much for the second look! I have several more devoted to the "sunset/sunrise theme. Ifin ya likes um I could post a couple more.
    Da"Over da Horizon"Captn

  3. What about full moon themes. I am a moon person myself. My wife says i'm a werewolf.
  4. I gots one for every occasion (poor Mon's Hallmark)...
    Da"Here's Your Full Moon"Captn

    No offence meant either Poppa, OK?

  5. That's a good one. Where did you get the picture of Bud Head at?
  6. hey cap'n... that first one looks like something i'd hang on my wall. very deep... the second one is just insanely hilarious!!! lol...
  7. Yeah, cottons, the first one is one of my personal favorites...don't know what that says about me but the second one is more like my REAL personality..."insane" I think ya said...right! HaHaHa!
    Da"Ya Won't Mistake Me For Normal"Captn

    What a REAL hippy looks(ed) like...

  8. Haha sorry ass!

    Thats a good pic up top. The bottom pic looks like an ass whale!!

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