Hell on Wheels!

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  1. As a history guy, anyone else psyched to see this?
    AMC doesnt do bad shows I mean Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead, etc,
    I picture it as a breakthrough show from great performances by Common, Anson Mount, and many others..should be epic
  2. Im definitely going to watch it
  3. About to smoke and watch it :D
  4. Just packed a bowl myself and gonna try to watch it, steelers game is gettin good so I'm gonna wear out the recall button
  5. [quote name='"2ndGenHippy"']Just packed a bowl myself and gonna try to watch it, steelers game is gettin good so I'm gonna wear out the recall button[/quote]

    Yeah decided to record hell on wheels and watch the game instead. Probably blaze and watch it tomorrow though
  6. Wish I had TiVo, life would be grand.
  7. So was the show any good? I didn't watch it
  8. I thought it was pretty good, I'll be watching te next episode for sure
  9. Ya the show was pretty cool! im gonna be watching it too
  10. Even better then I thought it would be!
  11. Damn good pilot. Missed the first five minutes and I was like wtf is that Common haha
  12. Within first ten minutes of the show
    "I bet you know your way around a ni**er"
    half the black audience dissipates. I kept waiting for the racism, but it's there steadily throughout the show. I mean, this is taking place RIGHT after the emancipation proclamation. Time
    When the most racism in America occurred.
  13. and your point is........
  14. No point, I thought this was a discussion forum.

  15. noyournotwrong
  16. Okgood.

    It's just the first thing I thought about this show, the time era theyre in is a pretty undertold part of American history. It's cool to see these guy depicting what it was like back then.

    Idk about the show over all though, don't know exactly where they want to take it, but if they got budget for this like they do on breaking bad it might work.
  17. decent show decent acting
  18. Not bad.

    But did anyone else see the main character and think- "Fuck, this guy would be a badass John Marston!"

    Yeah, No?!
  19. So far I'm loving this show more than Walking Dead now. Ep 2 was a very good change of pace from EP 1 and we meet a new Indian who helps the white woman escape the Indians. Pretty neat. Apparently he found Jesus? I'm liking this show and I can't wait for EP3 and to the bond between the main guy and the main black railroad worker(don't have all the names down yet). Very excited.

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