hell on wheels

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  1. Who else watched the season 3 premiere last night? It was amazing! This show gets better and better all the time. If you are a fan of westerns at all then you MUST watch this show. The first 2 seasons are on Netflix now and the new season airs on AMC on Saturday night. Watch it people!
  2. getting caught up on netflix.
    the fight scenes in this show are so damn savage. Indians circling around shooting arrows at you while everyones clubbing each other with gun stocks and deer antlers.
    the side characters are good too, the preacher and his indian friend, the irish dudes working that projector screen show, all the whores and the other white and black dudes working on the railroad make for good tv too.
  3. I've already watched both seasons on Netflix, great show.
  4. This show has great casting and even better story.
  5. This last weeks episode was great! This season is certainly shaping up to be the best yet. The swede is gonna kill that family!
  6. Saw a commercial and thought it looked sweet, gonna have to jump on the wagon now
  7. \thell on wheels This TV show is really to good i love to watch this show when i ever have free time....This show may contain a great fun.This show is my all time best and one of the favorite TV show........

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