Hell of a week... and it continues.

Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, May 9, 2006.

  1. It all started last week. I put in my two weeks notice at my job I had been at for 1 year. Reason? Sexual harrassment. Some dirty old man at work went from being nice, to being....dirty. Originally he was just askng how my day was- and being genuinely nice. Then- it turned into... attempting to throw candy down my shirt- commenting on my legs.. and my chest.. making inappropriate sexual remarks and jokes... granted I am in my 20s... and he is 78. Of course he is the VICE PRESIDENT of my company. . Hes not allowed to come by my office... or speak to me again. HOWEVER, his desk is near mine and I feel awfully uncomfortable even being in the office still. Any advice on that? Im struggling because I have never been in this situation, and to be honest I never really took the whole "sexual harrasment" thing seriously- until now.

    Let the job hunt begin. Not that im complaining cause I love searching for jobs- its fun to do, but now thats just another thing on my mind- get a job and paying bills until I can find one. I usually dont make decisions like this until I have a back up- but I needed to get out of this office.

    So I leave work- it was a really hard day today.. busy busy busy.... THEN......

    The road I take to get home was closed. There was a shooting at a police station (drive by) where 2 cops were injured critically... one hurt. One suspect was shot and taken into custody, the other- got away. SOOOO they closed the road......... I am not complaining- anyone who does that should be caught AND they should close down the street- but I was on the road... for.... a.....few.... hors. :mad: (in one spot... might I ad. Did not move once. The guy in the car next to me took a nap)

    Then I come home to find we are almost out-:eek: and our "friend" is dry.........

    ......Anyways- I needed to rant. I am now nursing the vapo with the little we have.

    Other than all that- school is out and TheColonel and I are going to hawaii in june. Yay! :hello:
  2. i think u should send mr. colonel over to your bosses house for a little visit

    then stop by your friends house for another little visit(pick up)

    But good luck on finding a new job(somen i cant do! lol)
  3. I've never really taken sexual harassment seriously just because I've had so many friends charged for it when we were still in high school for stupid shit like whistlin' at a girl or givin' her a lil slap on the ass when she walks by. It's kind of like... be straight forward you know. It's not harassment until you seriously tell him to stop and he/she persists. If this happened, I'm very sorry. I would just relax and enjoy the fact that you're young and beautiful.

    My status on sexual harassment has been drastically reversed not too long ago though. It's easy for a guy to tell women to chill, that it's not big deal. But a couple of months ago, I was sexually harassed. Everything that falls under that umbrella... you know, all the talk and then the groping. Sounds kind of dumb, but it made me very uncomfortable and violated. I never thought I could be sexually uncomfortable because that's just not how I do things... yet the way that "sexual harassment" transpires is not a nice thing. It might be meant in a good/fun way, but it made me freak my shit.

    So... in conclusion, I was wrong to judge without having experienced the situation myself. It truly is worse than it's made out to be, but men aren't sick pigs... most are just insensitive and don't realize what's actually going on. Which is the key to understanding.
  4. I know exactly how you feel. Being a girl of course, I am more susceptibleto sexual remarks from men (girls dont usually cat call as much as boys..) but even so I never took the sexual harrassment "talks" in high school and seminars at work and stuff seriously. Then it happens to you- and you feel violated.. and horrible.. like you are doing something wrong. And it eats away with you. I came home crying a few times in car cause of it...

    And yes. I said stop. I was stern and firm. I told him it was inappropriate...

    it kept happening. In fact- it just got worse once I voiced it. But once I came forward other women in the office came forward with similar stories that happened in the past.

    He is just a sick twisted man.

    I would leave my office today if I could, but I respect the 2 week policy. My last day i the 26th.
  5. Well, I must say I'm very impressed with how well you handled things. I'm sorry that we live in a world where you're subjected to that. Whatever happened to a gentlemen who treated his ladies nicely? We here in the world of one night stands... I personally much prefer to properly court a woman. Show her the respect she deserves. Anyone else agree with me?
  6. Mmmm... I was none too happy about this.

    He got his though. When the words 'sexual harrassment' start floating around, shit gets handled mighty quickly. No company is going to have a liability like that going unchecked. He will think twice about oogling over the sexy new intern next time... if there is one for him.

    its good this didnt happen outside work though. then Colonel might have had to choke a motherfucker.;)
  7. Yeah that is not cool , I hope you find something soon and as for being dry If I were closer to ya'll I would smoke you out fo sho, sorry Pride, Good luck. JOE>

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