Hell in the Park

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  1. Ok - so heres a contribution story about my getting busted once upon a time...

    Me and a friend were driving around and and such, and naturally we decided we needed to smoke up. We went to a public park (I must have still been high from the night before) that was way down tucked away in the woods. I mean no one was around, it was about 11:30 or 12pm and so we just park the car and sit on a picnic table, lay our shit out, and pack a few bowls.

    After we were there for about 30 minutes or so (and after smoking about 4 bowls), we see this light coming down the road. We were pretty wasted so we thought it was just a car (for about 1.4 seconds), then we started freaking out and put all our stuff down next to the table (sorta hidden) and got up and jumped around a bit, until we saw that it was a GOD DAMN police SUV with a huge 10 billion watt spotlight shinned on us. So we got up and 'calmly' walked over to the car. I said something like 'hello', hahaha. Then he gets on his damn megaphone and is like, GET IN THE CAR. So I do, and my friend stands next to it on the passenger side. They then pull up behind the car and get out. They start off on their rampage where they fuck with you a bit cause they are so damn bored. The whole time we deny being high, and that my friends eyes were just red because he had a new type of contacts. (whatever, lol)

    Then, after they have a look at our ID's and have asked whether either of us smoke cigs (which we said no to), they ask us to empty our pockets, and so far everything was going fine (aside from my friend bumbling and mumbling (he always does that when high, lol)). Then, as I reach in my pocket, I feel the lighter I had just bought at the Wawa up the road....FUCK
    So I realized I'm fucked now and put it out on the car...the cop is like: 'What do you have a lighter for?'....silence....'WHY DO YOU HAVE A LIGHTER?' So I just give up and say 'ok' we where smoking a little bit. The cops like 'Oh really?' wheres it at. I point and hafta show them where I left my stuff next to the picnic table.

    By now there are 3 or 4 police SUV cruisers surrounding my car with all their headlights on full directly on it. The cops pat us down and bring us back to the station.

    God damnit, they were such assholes the whole time too, and up to that point I had thought 'they were just doing their job' but they didnt hafto bully us like they had. They kept saying how it was good that I came clean because now things would go alot smoother (for them, no doubt), and that they were our friends and shit.

    They let us call a friend instead of our parents, but then - he pulls us aside and says: 'How would you like to not pay the fine for this?' I knew exactly where this was going....lol. My friend said that he would (hes such a cheap ass) but I said I wouldnt so the cop says that either both of us do or not at all...lets just say that the business card (or shoudl I say post-it note) he gave me ended up being thrown out the window on the way home, lol.

    2 months later...citation arrives with max fine in bold letters on it...$400 :(

    Fuck the police, and fuck - never buy more than one lighter...hehe.
  2. man thats pretty weak. I would have just told him the lighter is for candles n shit. He couldent have done shit you shoudlent have told him you were smokein up. Its not illigal to possess a lighter.
  3. yeah...but if i was high, cops surrounding my car and me i would be shittin bricks. i'm not sure what i would say exactly, kinda busted with a lighter on ya i think...
  4. no not really lol. Just play it cool, be like I got allergies. I know it sounds far fetched but it got me outta a bind before. And I had a lighter on me too, and the weed was in my sock.
  5. Well, I tried to shorten the story up a bit but I'll include a few things real quick. Like I said, my friend mumbles/bumbles alot when high, and the cop went over and talked to him first (biggest mistake ever).

    I couldnt make an excuse for my friend, but the way he said he had new contacts would have made ANYONES bullshit meter go BEEP BEEP BEEP. Hehe. True, I could have said it was 'for lighting candles' lol, but then he'd say, where are the candles...I mean I could make up a ton of hypothetical reasons but as high as I was, I just couldnt deal with it - plus, like daiseyduked said, I was under alot of 'pressure' hehe.

    We've since come to the conclusion that if a cop really wanted to he could bust you for no reason (the cops in my area are fuck-nuts) ... unrelated to weed story: my two friends were at a park around 2am one night while they were out looking for me (they thought I was lost after leaving a party....I'll post another thread with the full story) but anyway, two biker cops sneaked up on them and start flashing their lights in their eyes and telling them shit like theres a $2000 fine or some crap for being in a park late at night after my friends explained that they were just looking for a friend, the cops then asked why they were looking for me by sitting in a car (a valid point I suppose...but again read the thread I'll post with the full story later tonight) they then explained that they had emailed me on the cell phone and were just waiting for a return. THEN the cops asked why my friend (the driver), didnt have shoes on...I mean Christ, just give it a break. Once they are in 'attack' mode they wont fucking let up.

    Anyway, peace for now

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