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  1. Hey whats up fellow tokers. I am new to this site but not smoking. I am interested in possibly picking up a helix piece and haven't really read or found too many things on it. Anybody here own one? If you do how is it? Is it worth it?

    I am more of a blunt person but always like to have something else around, I do have some pieces already but always love adding a new weapon to the arsenal. I dont mind spending money on a nice piece, but its always nice hearing others opinions.
  2. i have a helix pipe, the name brand one i got it for 70 with some free screens.
    it is my favorite thing to smoke out of, its a little harsh at first but you get used to it quick it rips.:smoke:
  3. Thanks man appreciate it +1
  4. you're welcome! :smoke:
  5. Man i smoked off one at my lhs that the owner had.. I always go and buy spoons from him but other than that i don't buy anything glass wise there because its all china glass... But he had some helix's and those things are really wicked smooth for dry pieces.. If your looking for something small and portable look into the magic flight launch box.. Its a 100 dollar vaporizer with a lifetime warranty.. Super discrete and portable..

    Here's a link to where i bought mine... It is worth every freakin penny... Trust me!!

    Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer + Grinder + Batteries - eBay (item 200553962054 end time Feb-09-11 15:03:48 PST)
  6. ^ As a Helix owner I'm gonna have to second that even though I haven't smoked out of the MFLB. The Helix is sweet a sweet piece don't get me wrong but the price of it compared to the MFLB $150 compared to $100. Plus the MFLB is smaller and has a lifetime warranty. Give up the blunts for the MFLB and your lungs will thank you.
  7. I love the Helix. Had the original with the 3 attachments, very cool and smooth once you get used to it. That one broke unfortunately, but I was visiting someone in Austin and the LHS had a baby Helix. It was a small little one hitter. I love it. I have a lot of devices, but I always find my way back to the baby Helix.
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    Shit Im going to have to check out that MLFB. I am prob going to pick up a Helix sometime next week when i have some time. I may have to rethink it though... that MLFB looks like its worth every penny and than some.
  9. Trust me dude it will pay for itself on the first sack. If you love vapeing you will love the launch box. You save so much bud.. I use mine daily.. I'm about to completely convert to vapeing only.. Although i will smoke from time to time with my friends but i will only vape when its my bud being used :smoke:..

    Buy it, you won't regret it i promise. The size won't be a problem and you'll end up loving it.. They also are coming out with a power adapter so you won't have to use batteries unless you traveling with it and the power adapter also has a car adapter you can buy separately so i will be getting it too :D

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