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Helix/Vortex pipes

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by ChazzR, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Has anyone seen these? they are similar to steam rollers with the carb at the front of the bowl and a large chamber where you can see the smoke spinning in a helix. Can't find a pic, but if u could please post one
  2. Only VORTEX i know of is the gravity bongs that are self contained...
  3. yeah i have one bro

    heres a pick of her, its pretty dirty right now but when you take a hit the smoke swirls and spirals around in a helix/vortex like way its definatly the coolest thing i ever seen smoke do its even better when your stoned

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    oh by the way

    heres a video of it, this ones similar to mine but it has attachments where as mines just one pice of glass

    [ame="http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=45605815"]Video The 420 Science Club - The Helix van 420 Science - MySpace Video[/ame]

    what i want to see is a helix bong, shouldent be too hard just take the helix add a base and a bowl and downstem and some water
  5. thats tight. lol looks like it'd be fun
  6. Looks sweet man!
  7. haha yeah dude im soo high off that shit right now, its not even funny.....or wait maby it is hahaha :smoking:

    but yeah man its swet,

    still think a helix bong would be even more bad ass, like percalators and shit too, like a phx trenty (my bong) with a helix like mouthpice or some shit,
  8. yeah i just picked a helix from b.c. smoke shop (Houston) about a couple weeks ago and i gotta say i am very pleased with the way it performs. the only issue i have with it is when the bowl is almost ashed some of the piece gets in to the air stream and sometimes is sucked into your mouth. nothing too crucial, just don't take a big hit towards the end of the bowl.
  9. ive really wanted 1 of these for a while, are there any online shops that have them? please PM me if you guys kno of any......
  10. fyi most of these pipes have little holes in sides to make the air spin, so it's not quite as efficient as a normal piece would be.

    i'd still buy one though
  11. no way dude i got mine from B.C. smoke shop too, only from the one in Austin, there soo chill at that place man i love it. once i went there to get a new scale and some cigs and i had enough cash with me for the scale but not the smokes, so the guy was just like here have a pack on the house, i know what its like not to have cigarettes haha.

    and by the way, if thats happening to you at the end of the bowl your hitting it way too hard, with the helix you gotta take slow easy pulls, that will keep that from happening and it also makes a better smoke swril too, not to mention makes the smoke way nicer and saves weed cuz your not tourching the fuck out of it.....

    and as for the helix not being as efficient as most pipes, actually its the opposite, the helix is extremely efficient, the small amount of air pulled in to make the smoke helix just makes the hit a little less harsh, it dosent mean that it cancels out the effect of the smoke or sumthing, all the smoke is still there after all.
    true its probably not the most effiecnt pipe out there but its certanly on the more efficent side, and obusly its not as effiecnt as my PHX but no pipe is as efficent as $350 bong

    over all for $70 the helix is a sweet deal..............

  12. Yeah dude i been to the one i Austin, right next to school right? i picked up the pipe for the same amount and the guy threw in a case for it and i love how nice the size of it. its not too big or too small, i can keep it in my backpack and blow a bowl in between classes. lol
  13. yeah bro same here, when i got mine they were out of cases but i came back the next day and they gave it to me for free haha
  14. I think I got ripped off, I bought the 3 piece set for $225 at my local shop.
  15. does anyone know of any sites online that sell these?
  16. I've been 'google'ing' around for one and can't find anything, gotta remember to ask next time i'm at the shop. But if anyone knows anywhere you can buy them, that would be amazing!
  17. Everyone! I have recently went to my local head shop (in san antonio) and found these. I have also been searching online for them, but havent had any luck finding any information. so im not sure you can purchase online. But my favorite san antonio head shop told me that i could vist there website give them a call and order it threw phone, or online (if it is up yet)

    Those helix's are f****bomb diggity! i've been smoking for awhile, but never got into the whole pipe thing! (smoke blunts baby) I recently took my best friend under my wing and turned him into a chronic smoker! anyway me and he went to our local head shop, saw, and bought the new one with bubbler attachment. (supposedly you will be able to buy all attachtments later.) That bubbler is the sh*t! the smoke looks so badass in the vortex thingy!

    that pic on the first page is like the first version, its like 70 80 bucks. that ones cool, but buy the new one. its 120, (if the cash is available) comes with bubbler piece!

    Im new to the website, but if someone could message me and tell me how, i will put up pics and vids. since there are verry fiew online!

  18. here are the pics of the helix with bubbler attachment. ill put some vids up i guess if i can later on this week.

    by the way if you guys read my last post. I lied! sorrry. they will not ship or take orders over phone. yeah i told them they should but, nope! helix2.jpg




  19. That's really pretty sick. I would most definitely buy one right now if there was one at my head shop.

  20. they have this one at a local smoke shop for 120 i would like to get it when i get the money its badass

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