Helix SS pipe made in the usa

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  1. got this for christmas hits so smooth :smoking:

  2. Nice. I've never hit a helix before. Is it smooth?
  3. for the size of the piece, you just have to take your time hitting it to get a super smooth hit. I use it pretty much every day. oh and it has a blown in screen with seven holes
  4. Nice would really love to have a piece with a blown screen
  5. His very first sentence in this thread states "it hits soo smooth"

    So your first question is if it hits smooth or not lol
  6. Ah, good point. I was mainly just looking at the pic.
  7. that's a pretty cool pipe, i didn't know they made Helixes with color and bumps like that

  8. they make all types this one is one of a kind, my girl friend picked it up from oat willies in austin
  9. I came in here expecting to see like a Nazi SS custom pipe with the lightening bolts on the side....but I guess this is cool too'

    Is the end part hollow or is it just a small tube to the mouth?

    The blown in screen sounds awesome too never seen a pipe like that before
  10. its hollow with three small holes in the side of the bulb that makes the smoke spin
  11. Siiiiiick. I've always wanted one of those cyclone bongs (the still high quality knock-off) at my lhs. Sounds smooth as fuck.
    You said
    If you pull to fast, will the smoke not spin. Or will it just not be as smooth?
  12. it cools the smoke less imo then hitting it harder

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