Helix Pipes in NJ!!

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  1. Hey, I know there are a million threads on those Helix pipes (the ones that spiral the smoke) on here, but this thread is an announcement and not a question.

    If anyone in/near New Jersey is looking for them, check out the shops in New Brunswick. I just picked mine up there. They're a little pricey (225) but you get all three attachments and don't have to go to texas :D Enjoy!
  2. Theres also those pipes at my local shop in Marin. i think its 150 with the attachments.
  3. Everyone gets their shit from new brunswick lol. Did you go to one of the little shops on easton ave near rutgers?
  4. haha ya. nice little shop. not much as far as name-brand (only 2 Roors in there) but some really nice artistic stuff. my friend went in for a scale and i was gonna pick up a glass screen/bee-line (completely forgot the bee line after i saw the helix though :p
  5. where is this place? easton ave?
  6. saw one in Pipe Down in long branch thought it was a little pricey at 165.00 but you got all attachments
  7. I saw some in PA in utopia and thats where i plan on gettin mine when i get the money.
  8. xtreem smoke shop on main street in keyport has a really good collection of glass and almost everything, but i dont remember seeing and helix pipes there.
  9. I went to New Hope in PA yesterday along the Delaware river looking for some headshops but I couldn't find any, anyone have any suggestions for good headshops in NJ? Price isn't an issue.
  10. i would never pay 225 for a little bubbler that barley looks functional and some other attachments.

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