HELIX 3 in 1?

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  1. Has anyone ever seen/tried to HELIX 3 in 1 piece from aqualab? it looks pretty sick it has some sort of vortex chamber like the hurricane which cooles the smoke down. Seems pretty popular as all 4 labels are sold out. Heres a link of it

  2. i have not tried that 3 in 1 helix but i did have one i could add to my bong. ive aslo tried the bong that they make with the extension i had, it was pretty dank watching three different tornadoes when trippin face. id take helix over hurricane any day just because of the grav lab affiliation.
  3. I want the Helix 3 in 1 so badly. Just not for $150.

  4. I was just thinking, you could probably attach a nice inline A/C or something to the HELIX.. that would be so sick
  5. I have one and to be honest with you $150 is a pretty good deal. These things go for almost 200 all day. I paid 160 for my setup with the custom case with it.

    I love it, its a great piece and something different. I use it with the one hitter the most.

  6. Yeah you can pretty much pre-pack the one hitter if you're on the go and just whip it out-attach-smoke :smoke:
  7. well,its unique
    is it raelly of $150
    i have seen it but buy it

  8. when i first saw it, it seemed more like a novelty piece to me, but then i thought about it and it makes sense.

    if i had a sick inline a/c like you were talking about, i'd probably spend the $150 on it.
  9. Its novelty, but cool. I mean you get three attachments which isnt bad. And the bubbler is diffused, not that exciting but its a plus, not to mention the smoke looks sweet. Pretty portable too if you have a nice case.

    In my opinion its def worth it.
  10. yeah very true. i like the possibilities for customization as well as the portability.
  11. [​IMG]


    One-hitter attachment works as a great joint holder, no worries about burnt fingers or roach clips. Also makes the hits a bit smoother, looks cool too. And you can secure the one-hitter with the black clip, and put the joint in the Helix itself and be really good for travel :D I like it
  12. is the glass thick?
  13. these are real cool
  14. I suppose it's decently thick, nothing heavy duty but I've felt much thinner before.
  15. the helix is the best investment i have ever made in my years of smoking hands down its a bubbler a spoon bowl and a one hitter that can hold a nice joint its the stoners convenient piece no matter the situation :hello:
  16. im so jelous i want one so bad but no headshops sell it here
  17. I just ordered mine. Im pretty excited to try it!!
  18. by far the coolest portable piece i've ever seen. For sure worth the investment, hits are so smooth. If your feelin creative crush up some ice and throw it in there :eek:
  19. My lhs owner carries grav labs products thats like the only name brand thing he carries besides crappy china glass... I smoked off his helix and the hits are super smooth the spoon bowl was nice too.. Didn't get to see the bubbler but he offered me a pre-order on the 3-in-1 for 120 bucks... I've still be debating on it... but for 120 i could get a sick inline bubbler :smoke:
  20. I have the helix spoon not the 3 in 1 i paid 80 for it i really wanted the 3 in 1 but didnt have enough money:( but anyways it hits like a champ the best spoon i hit by far!!! And well worth my money i advise people to pick one up! All my local headshops have them around and they recently got the bong in two i reAlly would like to get it but ithink it is pricy 350 and little diffusion i rather get a better bong withthat type of money.

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