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  1. I know this has been posted before and yes i did use the search feature but no one says if they can detect them out side. Can they? ive got live five small plants in my woods in the boondocks and my house is under some flight paths. and i always see black helicopters and some low flying ones.
  2. if they are not all in a bunch probily not good luck
  3. dont worry unl;ess if you are groing in pots that are exposed and bright colored or you tore up the vegitaion to plant perfect rows of mj wich is one of the stupidist ways to grow. ive read an articel of some new tech that the hordiculture compantys are funding and it can be tuned to pick up certiann wavelengths because each plant has its own. they even had an expample of it set to MJ but i doubt there looking in the boondocks with brand spanking new technology.
  4. it is an incredible feat for them to see a small number of small plants, those choppers are out there looking for large plots. you are probably safe, but as mentioned just keep your eyes open
  5. most helicopters are not looking fojr weed in places that are not famous for there weed so if your growing just make sure some plants are around it and you should be fine i had 10 plants last summer and no one noticed...
  6. a COPter went all around 3 counties including mine, and found 2000+ plants........ but not mine!! i guess we had a good spot..... the newspaper the day after the search said
    "most plants were found in remote, swampy areas. the growers could have been using gps technology to get to their plot" and the pic showed literally a truckload of confiscated plants..... what a waste

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