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  1. I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about helicopters, I live in a zero tolerance state in the Midwest and have a semi large outdoor grow, 27 females on my own property, I live on 20 acres, that I own, in a semi rural town.

    I find it very hard to believe that the police have the budget to just cruse around in a helicopter looking for plants, I have seen them scouting for brushfires lately because of the dry,hot year we are having.

    I know I have a tough time spotting my plants at 20 feet and I planted them, little alone a helicopter at 200 feet, crusing at 30 or 40 mph, randomly spotting them.

    My question is, everyones know 3 or 4 people that have been busted by helicopters, but does anyone have a link to a newpaper article or story about someone who was busted.

    I have heard of people being ratted out and they do a fly over to obtain sufficient evidence for a search warrent, or them flying over large national forest following rivers looking for trails and irrigation pipes

    lets get the truth about these helicopters, that way I can get back to sleeping 8 hours a night!!!
  2. lol - nothing to lose sleep over my friend... unless youve done it in such a way that they stick out like a sore thumb like clearing trees then youll be fine. As far as operations go, they usually target hard to reach areas - I doubt the helicopter over your town was explicitly looking for canna grows.
  3. I totally agree with you,

    The copters I saw looked like they were looking for plants, but after some detective work, I discovered they were searching for brush fires, which makes perfect sense to me.

    I think the theory of police just flying over private land searching for marijuana plants is a myth, just like IR heat scans, or even the power company calling the cops because of a $100 a month increase in use.

    I just want to get to the bottom of these rumors and find out how they started. I have never found any proof of any of these types of busts, just hear say.
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    Hey logy.

    Buddy i know the helicopter situation pretty well.I live in an area with heavy air survailance. Ive lost probably 10 or more grows over the years. Ive talked with the eradication officers and ive been up in a small plane so i know what things look like from up there.

    My next door neighbor got busted 2 years ago with 2 plants in his yard that were planted in 5 gallon buckets. The plants were about 3' tall when the helicopter flew over. They can see one plant if its over 3' tall. In my state, theyve passed a tax on plants. 1500$ per plant. He only had 2 plants which is just a misdemeanor and he was fined 250$, but he got a tax bill for 3000$ from the state.

    The color of marijuana is so unique and it sticks out in the enviroment more than you can imagine and i happen to know for an absolute fact that if they fly over your property they can and likely will see the plants. YOu could see 20 good sized plants from the international space station.

    The only way you can sleep easy is to take enough drugs that you dont think about it, because youre in jeapordy and its just that plain and simple.

    Please, please tell me that state law doesnt give them the right to confiscate your property? In my state, if you grow more than 4 plants its a felony and they straight up take the home and property. Ive seen them do it. Its so wrong, but its so true.

    The facts ive given you here are why there are guerilla growers like me.

    Good luck to you, but damnation your standing on some very thin ice. Dont jeapordize everything you own man. Dont do it. Anybody that would tell you differnt than what ive said simply doesnt know what theyre talking about. I know what im talking about. Its not hearsay, its experienc.
  5. Again everyone has heard of at least 3 people that have been busted by helicopters for 2 or 3 plants in there backyard, but I have yet to find any proof of it, kinda like big foot

    As far as the state taking my land, I have a much younger sister who just graduated law school, tops in her class, and she wrote a paper on States confiscating property. It dosent happen, they have to have solid proof that the illegal activity paid for the property. which is tough to prove unless, you got $100,000 cash in your home when they bust you, its very difficult to prove, thats why you put your cash in the bank!! Its FDIC insured, cops cant touch it without a federal warrent, which aint gonna happen for anything under 99 plants.

    She did say that if the states can get the feds involved, they can really put you threw the grinder, again thats why I always keep it under the federal limit of 99 plants. Here is the proof Feds vs. Deadheads in Missouri "Schwagstock" Forfeiture Battle [FEATURE] | StoptheDrugWar.org

    I wanna read some proof on the helicopters, we can start a new thread on state vs federal property seizers

    Im not trying to blast, just wanna get to the bottom of this
  6. PS. One other point

    In my state, if you have 4 or under, they just show up and cut them. If you have more that 4, they usually come in and climb high up in a tree and place a video camera for evidence in court. If youre in a zero tolerance state, ill bet thats what they would do if they spot your grow.

    Around here, very often they will believe the land owner if he says he wasnt aware of the grow and that a guerilla has come in and planted the plants, but if theyre any trails leading to it or if youve ever been arested for weed they wont.... - and thats why they set up the spycam.
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    I have my own spy cameras:wave: 4 of them, they even got IR night vision.

    Did your friend that got busted by helicopter get any press?

    I just wanna see proof, im from the show me state, and I am sick of getting phone calls from the police saying they need donations if they are wasting my tax money flying around in expensive helicopters looking to bust people for a few plants that grow all over the highways around here.

    Again I will start a new thread about spy cameras and police surveillance, I wanna try to stay on the helicopter subject and wanna read some facts on them.

    I have yet to find any hard proof on this subject, just hearsay

    I appreciate the response clodhopper, I dont mean to come across as unappreciative, you sound like you live in a pretty laid back state, cause here its a felony for 4 plants, same as 27, 5 year probation and after that it is suspended, as long as you have no priors, which is me, thats the plea they give people around here. I would show you proof, but would prob piss my buddy off if I post his name and record on a cultivation forum :D

    Also I forgot to mention, RIP Schwagstock, This was hands down the best music festival I have ever been too, I hope my unborn child will be able to enjoy something like this when they are of age, and be 100% legal, It was the highlight of my youth, from what I remember
  8. Unless you're planting a big field in rows, they'll miss you. The PD is way too lazy to look that carefully, they just go for the big grows that stick out, small personal grows would be too much effort to rip.
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    Im not going to give you newpaper articles because it would reveal where i live. But ive done all i can do. Good luck to you.

    Ps. There is a Cnbc documentary on Marijuana and part of the documentary is the filming of erradication effort in the Daniel Boone national forest by the KY state police.. I hope that you will search, find it and watch it. It shows the team finding 3 plants in a mountainous region and the commander discusses how they spot the plants and the video from the chopper will let you clearly see the 3 plants.

    It also shows the surviellance equipment used and it has an interview with a grower that was caught and had his property taken. That one documentary will prove the very things you claim to be myth. YOur sister is right in theory and in the academic world. The real world is very different. She's wrong.

    I hear the video is on youtube.
  10. clodhopper, you better post again man, 666 thats not very lucky

    I appreciate the feedback, it dosent have to be from your town or state, just any report on this subject. I cant really find one anywhere in the country, little alone in my state, thats what brought up my skepticism
  11. I agree with pliers, the police gotta budget to keep in mind and it aint getting any bigger any time soon. Therefor the juice is gotta be worth the squeeze, and small, hard to find residental plots arnt gonna pay the bills. Unless your neighbor calls them on you I believe that they will be hard pressed to find any by just flying around looking for plants with a different shade of green.

    Im betting the farm on it anyway, knock on wood 2X:wave::wave:
  12. I see the black dea chopper flying around my hood every year in September, our problem is that it's a upper middle class suburb and all the kids like to smoke but the parents and the narcs don't want them to so the cops are basically on their payroll. Black dea chopper it circles the woods at about 100 feet maybe less in this suburb it is so dumb right over the golf course and over the pool lol. They never seem to find my shit though.
  13. I have never seen a DEA helicopter, ever, period

    Yet you hear all these stories about them, did it have DEA written on it?

    According to the DEA they own fewer than 100 helicopters worldwide
    Inside the DEA, DEA Programs, Aviation

    Chances are it was your local, county,or state police running radar, which is their number 1 money maker or the local news channel, I know a lot of companies charter helicopters.

    Again I cant find any hard evidence on this subject.

    I find that very disturbing, considering all the personal accounts of friends and family I hear being caught by them all across the country

    Does anyone else find that weird??

    Is this an urban legend? I have seen maybe a handful of marijuana shows on cable that show cops in TN and CA searching over vast national forest for large commercial grows, but never near a residence or neighborhood.

    Why are we all concerned about them and fail to realize the glaring fact that how one gets caught growing this wonderful plant is our own doing, ie loose lips, smell control, transporting fresh picked buds, light escaping.
  14. I agree that loose lips are typically the # 1 reason people get busted, but our police chopper in town is white n blue, I only ever see this completely blacked out chopper flying around the area in the middle of harvest time and they seem to circle near forests that are big enough to conceal plants and they stay pretty damn low and search the area hard, idk if kids are seriously growing in these spots or if the crazies send in false rumors to the popo just to make sure they come out here and check every year. And no it doesn't say dea on it, but I know for a fact they are looking for canna so why think otherwise.
  15. This reminds me of a story,

    A few years ago a freind of mine was convinced he saw a mountain lion in his woods. He told everyone that he was certain that it was a mountain lion, the more he told people what he had saw, the more other people claimed to have seen them also. I heard of friends of friends trapping them, shooting them, seeing their tracks, soon everyone I knew, knew someone that had witnessed one or had one living in there backyard.
    Needless to say, I was skeptical, cause mountain lions are extremely rare in my state. So I called our conservation department to find out for myself. when I talked to an agent he laughed his ass off when I told him my story. He said he gets 10 calls a day from people claiming to have seen a mountain lion. After a litttle research of my own Mountain Lions | Missouri Department of Conservation I found that 1% of reported sighting are actually the real deal. Now I suppose that everyone I knew fell into that 1%, but I have a sneaky suspicion that not one of them had actually seen a mountain lion.

    Maybe they saw a house cat, or a bobcat, or a dog, or a shadow that looked like a cat. Maybe they really saw one or just straight up made the shit up.

    Anyway my point is when I hear all these people say that they have seen a DEA helicopter hovering over their yard and know 3 or 4 people that have been busted by them and then discover that the DEA only owns 100 helicopters worldwide, I am skeptical

    add that to the fact that I am having a very difficult time even finding on shred of proof that anyone has been caught by a helicopter for growing under 30 plants, than I am very skeptical.

    I guess the point of this thread is to either prove or disprove that this is as common as people on these forums make it seem, and for me to stop wiggin out every time I hear that familiar chop of helicopter blades. Like im having Vietnam flashbacks or some shit.


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