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helicopters with weed sensors?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by sebastian, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. a friend of mine said that the police use helicopters and fly over where people would grow weed, and the helicopters have sensors that pick up weed plants.

    it sounds completly fake to me. but has anyone heard of this? or does anyone know if there really are helicopters with sensors??
  2. this is true
    i think...haha
    i hear its cuz of the heat of the plant or sumtun...
    then i also heard of like the watts ( indoor grow )
    but yes there are choppers that fly around n look for herbs no doubt
    im not exactly sure what technoolgy they use to locate the weed
  3. i was once smoking a bowl and a helicopter once went no more then 15 feet over my head, this was near the airport, i just kept hitting it but they probably did see me haha
  4. ive heard of it too. it reminds me of this old chuck norris movie. they were going after bad guys who were growing cocaine. the coke plants gave off a certain frequency of radiation or something. maybe bud does that too.
  5. in indoor setups they look for heat; in outdoor grows all they can do is look for weed. pot plants don't let off heat or anything to detect........except smell, but they can't smell them from a chopper. from what i've heard they can't use heat senseing choppers as a primary source of evedance anyway; only to build a case.....not to bust your house.
  6. What the fuck? They blow a shitload of our tax money on police helicopters (plus gas, maintainence, etc.), and then use them just to look for weed grow ops? Maybe the police wouldn't have to bitch about being "underfunded" all the time if they used some common sense to manage their resources.
  7. they cant see weed...lol
    they look for lots and lots of concentrated heat like a grow set up then they get a warrent and search the place

  8. i wouldnt be the least bit surprized if they did....

    but yeah, even if they see heat coming from your house,, that probably isnt gonna be enough to get them a warrant... and if it does it wont hold up in court... i recall some guy getting the charges dropped because the police used a heat gun and found lights in his attic, then busted his grow... its a violation of some ammendment...

    + thats why alaska kicks so much ass... i think theres something called "right to privacy" up there... so basicially if your growing a few plants in the privacy of your own home, thats your buisness and the police dont have the right to bust you... although that sounds too good to be true so im probably wrong...
  9. :))
    this is a joke..
    "good morning sir, i've seen a big heat spot in your house..
    we think that, ya R growin' weed!!
    No, i dont.. it's just my electric radiator.."
  10. In the UK they use Choppers to check out fields too, but from what I understand they wait for someone to bubble the farmer first then use the Chopper to identify the fields for the wooden tops to go find the stuff.

    As for heat/light/smell detectors, I agree that IMHO it's just the heat that is picked up. Besides, it's more lucrative in the UK for them to sit on the side of the road nicking speding motorists....
  11. Christ. If any of you knew anything, you would know that helicopters DO PICK UP MARIJUANA PLANTS. They have inferad sensors on them, and marijuana plants produce more heat then a normal plant in the wild. They just set it for that specific tempature and zone everything else out. They mainly only find mid to big sized plots... They won't pick up on 2-3 plants in one space but if you have 10+ becareful. If you are growing outdoors with big plots where you know helicopters fly over, try to get tree cover... but remeber to get enough sunlight for the plants. P.S. They also have helicopters (and our poilice SUVs around here also) that pick up on hydroponic setups and such that produce a lot of heat. Yeah.. just so you know.
  12. Thank you, someone else who actuly knows what they are talking about.
  13. i friggin love this one! haha. i totally agree. and its hilarious at the same time.
  14. surround your plants with ice cubes:) hahahaah
  15. thats bullshit about the indoor thing with a heat seeking camera... think about all the shit in ur house that gives off heat, stoves, heaters, tv's lightbulbs. And that would be so illegal, it would be like an unwarrented search

  16. It's not bullshit. It's true. And common house hold items don't put off as much heat as a large grow. Many of the things you mentioned don't put off much heat at all, let alone for long periods of time. IR camera's are most likely not going to pick up on small grows. But it will detect grows that take up entire rooms. It may be illegal but it still happens in many cases. If someone is doing an big enough grow to be taking up an entire room they should be using precautions. If they don't, that's their own fault if they get caught. Legal or not, police can and will use infrared technology to find grows.

    http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1305 - Read for more information about pertaining to this subject as well as ways to prevent IR detection.
  17. yeah, I heard about this one time when the cops were searching(with a warrant) this block with the heat sensor for a grow, they found a bigger grow across the street. they busted him and took it all, but he faught it because they didn't have a warrant for him, and he walked.\

    oh shit this is my 100th post.
  18. intresting links Mustard....thanks for the read.....thank god i dont live in the states......lol...laters.

  19. Well, like the article said, a lot of U.S. Law Enforement tactics are being used by Canadian Law Enforcement. I don't know where you live, but it's obvious U.S. influences are spreading. Especially when it comes to the drug war. It's been happening for years. It seems that Big Brother is growing. You don't only have to worry about LEO now days, but in Canada especially with the large scale Medical Grows getting ripped off is becoming more common.

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