heliCOPters findin my shit

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SAlemSmokerVA, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. man ive herd so much about how cops find peoples shit....i was juss wondering cause im growing in my shed in my back yard..and i herd about heliCOPters having special cramers that pick up traces of thc...i was tryin to find out the truth so if anyone knoes if its true or not id like to knoe

  2. it s not the traces of thc its is the amount of energy the plant itself gives off,like uhm the photosynthesis causes ebergy and it shows a dark red on the screen . but ive heard that if they are flyin over and just happen to notice it that in order for it to be used against you thier readings,that is.well theyd need to have a warrant with you name on it not jusdt a location hope it helps
  3. infrared

    my friend live in the middle of nowhere and this summer we're growing, and helicopters are also a concern... anyone have any kind of tips?
  4. If your growing indoors just run your lights during the day, it's the lights that show up on infrared. If you can't run them in daylight you need to seal up any cracks, paint windows, insulate, and if you have ventilation you can put vents in the floor to send the hot air down into your crawlspace instead of outside where it will give off a heat signature. If your growing outside you just need to put them far from your property and only go to them at night, without a flashlight.
  5. Electricity is cheaper at night....and I would imagine that they would never find the majority of the small-time grow ops and closet growers in Amerika. The only technology they have that I know about is being able to see the big energy consuming ballasts through walls.....that's why i keep my ballast near inner walls, but then again it's only 430W so there probably is nothing to fear. Half the stuff I hear is pretty far fetched but it's always to be safe then sorry.
  6. ive been growing outside for a while now jus like the rest of my family and a few good tips are for you would be spot plant your plant and put them like in a thicket of briers and honey suckle in open light the best place is in that kinda place with a pine or cedar tree on the north and south sides of the plant that are a tleast 20 ft tall make sure theres no treen east to west they really need the sun this is also a good place because the copters have trouble finding them like that it seems to shadow the plants signals it puts off that they detect so god luck man
  7. #1 keep your mouth shut about what you are doing!

    #2 detection cameras pick up the infrared signature of the plant and it is run through a computer. Then they close in for a visual verification.

    #3 if the chopper pilot visual IDs it, he calls in deputies to the site. No warrant because its probable cause.

    #4, pine tree thickets give off the same IR signature. that helps to camoflage.

    #5 paths to the woods and trails are tell tell signs. Don't make paths.

    #6 Choppers are looking for concentrated grow ops and dense planting patterns. Don't grow a bunch in one spot. Spread them out over a big area, no more than 5 plants per acre or footbll field size piece of land.

    #7.Keep your mouth shut about what you are doing!

    #8 repeat steps #1 and #7

    #8 Don't tell anyone what you are doing or where it is at! Not even your girlffriend.
  8. I agree with all of the above especially #1, #7, and #8. I personally know 2 people who got "popped" because they ran thier mouths too much.

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