Helicopters can detect where a plant is being Grown?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Terken, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. A couple days ago i was talking with a friend about starting to grow my own plant in the near future, but he brought something up about Police Helicopters being able to detect where they are by something the plant gives off, is this true???
  2. if i am not mistaken, the police can not use thermal whatever in helicopters to find growers...also, if you use flourescents, there is no heat...just a thought.
  3. Yeah, back a while ago they use thermal imaging in cop cars and actually drove down known grower streets checking out the houses... They also used them in chopers.

    It is against the law for them to do that, it is invasion of privacy.

    No Worries Man! :D
  4. You only have to worry about that if you have a real big operation running. One hps or fluro's is no problem. (besides the legal aspect of thermal imaging!)

  5. they can if they have resonable doubt, that you are growing!......and they do have them fitted to choppers........Peace out........Sid
  6. Well, Yeah....

    As long as you don't arouse suspicion they have no reason and no right to thermal image your house or wherever you live...
  7. The choppers use infra red imagery to search for outdoors grows as well. But it is only effective if you grow a bunch of plants in the same location or grow them in places they shouldn't be like in a corn field. They pop right up in row crops on the IR cameras. But if you are only growing a couple of plants the IR isn't very good.

    But the most tried and true method of choppers in Mj detection is just flying low and seeing the damn plants grown out in the open by the pilot or his spotter. If they see you growing 10 or 12 in your backyard, they will call it in and stay overhead.

    You have to have a little common sense when growing and learn to camoflage your grows with the natural habitat.

    And also keep your mouth shut and tell no one about what you are doing. Narced out is the polices greatest tool.
  8. u can use tomatoes, to kinda hide the plants...
  9. Alright thanx a bunch guys

  10. As I have always done.. We have helicopters searching this area alot..
  11. yeah, like if you've got an indoor vegitable garden that uses HPS or MH lights, you can hide your growbox in there....
  12. i think I am missing something. Does mj give off some special IR wave or something? I don't get how they can distinguish marijuana from grass or tomatoes from grass. How does it work?

  13. yes it does.....it goes off a very unique signal.........Peace out..........Sid
  14. ROTFL...!
  15. evry plant reflects their unique IR signature. The choppers are attuned to look for the IR sig of MJ. Plus they also look for trails in the woods, trash and water buckets in the middle of nowhere and any other suspect clues that indicate clandestine growth.
  16. So if i were to grow like 2 or 3 plants in a closet i have with an hps light the detecters wouldnt be able to detect it?

  17. Are you kidding me BPP? I thought Sid was making a joke!
  18. i am about to get a lead jacket like at the dentist and put it around the outside of my growbox or something. Shit, that sucks.


  19. nope, no shit, i seen it on discovery, and read it also.....lol......weird shit eh?........the Mj plants came up a diffrent colour, only really easy to see when there's a lot of them.......like in a plantation........Peace out..........Sid

  20. Thermal imagery may be able to pick it up, but the chances are very low they would randomly use it on your location. There was an article in National Geographic last month about government controlled cameras and a small bit about a pot dealer who got busted. He had 2 lights in his attic for a big grow op, and the police used thermal imagery as evidence to bust him. THey had a pic of the thermal signatures, and he had two big glowing white circles radiating on his roof. He was successful at having it thrown out due to the police just cannot drive around spotting on houses at random, and then go bust in. But if they have a suspicion that you are growing , then they can shine on your house.

    The aspect every needs to know is this. The best tactic the police use are informants. They get someone to narc someone out, then they start flying over the location or using the IR or thermal cameras to build evidence to justify a search warrant or to come storming in. That is why you need to keep your grow ops quiet and not tell anyone.

    Woody, as far as IR signatures go, each plant raidtes its own particular wavelength, computer filters can scan the spectrum and give the pilot a notice if it picks up a MJ siganture. But once again, they really have to have an idea something is going on in a particular location to go fly over. Random flights over countryside are not very efficient at finding outdoor grow. And BTW, pine trees have a very similiar signature as MJ, and they tend to camoflage. But the best tip is not to plant to closely together, spread multiple plants out at very big distance, and leave no other evindence that a grow is happening.

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