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  1. Ok so my state has strict laws on growing and i live next to the airport where they keep the DNR heli that fly's around looking for crops and they have the ability to see heat signatures. so to the point i have 7 plants total in a say 5x7x10 room that i keep at 72*. can that fucker see my shit? if he was looking this close to the airport?:eek:
  2. I don't know but you could put extra insulation in your ceiling to be sure
  3. lol probably.. depending on what kinda lights u got yeah lol
    u might be able to get away with CFL's but i think HPS lights will be seen
    i donno about c5's and stuff
  4. i'm useing a 2 foot and a 4 foot dual cfl. but ill look into the ceiling thanks...
  5. Here's a house in the UK that the cops thought was growing weed, apparently it just had bad insulation..

  6. wow ill look into insulating thanks for the help...
  7. r u in md?
  8. No Michigan
  9. Read my link on heat detectors.
  10. What part of MI are you from?

    Most of the helicopters up here in the UP are used for detecting outdoor crops.
  11. [quote name='nugglord_420']What part of MI are you from?

    the west coast.
  12. i feel pretty confidient my box aint gonna show in my room from the quality pics they get lol.
  13. I live in a small town of 5K people, what are the chances cops are out searching for houses with growers?
  14. I would not be too worried about the planes if you are just doing a couple plants. It costs a ton to send those things out and i am sure they aren't just going house to house looking for excessive heat readings. I would not be the worried about it.
  15. what he said lol
  16. they don't fly over random houses looking, they fly over suspected grow ops so control your smell and don't get seen carrying anything hydro or plant related into your house, especially if you aren't growing anything outside to make it seem legit.
  17. I was recently in East Tennessee and saw a black helicopter flying in a grid pattern (not sure if that's the correct term for it)......there a lots of grow ops in that area and the cops are very militaristic.

    Do any of you know how to spot a grow-op chopper. Are they usually black? Can one tell by their pattern?

  18. They Need a Warrent to use the FLIR systems. So It's pretty much not used, or if they do use it, they'll trash your grow room and not prossecute.
  19. Oh and go out and Vote for medicinal Marijuana in November for Michigan, VERY IMPORTANT!
  20. Hey,how well does MJ do outdoors in the UP. I figured the season would be to short? I know the soil is REAL sandy in the middle of the UP.

    Around me they use Ultra Light airplanes for visual inspections. They can fly low,slow & cheap. About 15 years ago,they found over 300 mature plants in one grow! It was on a Farm that hadn't been used in over 20 years. And the plants where not visable, about 150 feet off the road. But they found it with the Ultra Light. My guess is, that the grower kept increasing his grow each year & finally got gready and went WAY to BIG.

    The reason I ask about the UP is because I have access to some land there...

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