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Helicopter Heat Seek Scramblers

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by MRK08, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hmmm.. I thought the lights where what gave off the idea of growing. If there's normal room light all around and all of a sudden a room has tremendous heat, that's a red flag. Let me get this straight. Is it the plants or the lights? Lol.
  2. its the lights john. there is a great dieal of misinformation about this stuff. and i wonder who first put it out there lol. mr. piggy
  3. Well, this thread is in the General Outdoor Growing section, so presumably we are talking about plants growing outdoors, NOT under lights. I have already made reference to my link below on Heat Detectors, which attempts to give some clarification. But apparently nobody can be bothered to make the effort to read it.
  4. Well actually, after posting, I went and read all of your topics, cantharis, and let me tell you...THANK YOU. You cleared up a lot of misinformed information that I have been told and wasn't true what so ever.
  5. Very kind of you to say so. +rep to you, Sir.
  6. yup it sure is rediculous the amount of misinformation about this. Law enforcement really only has the technology to locate good size grows in the middle of the woods that are blended in due to the use of aerial spectormeters. other than that, keep your plots small and well hidden and your golden.
  7. i to have red all your post Mr. Cantharis it is in deed very informing as there is alot of knoladge and experience.. thanks champ:wave:
  8. Cantharis is great isn't he? Good info, thank god some of us live in area where the helicopters never come and where people do not do anything outdoors although there is hundreds of miles of open space... thank god for lazy kids and TV and living in the sticks!! :hello:
  9. correct if im wrong but some1 seen delta force..... the coca plants in da movie gave off heat..... as they r hotter than the other plants around them .i remember the army? they went to bomb the areas bcuz of thermal imagin lol shit go to the surplus store and get u one of those heat scramblers 9.95$ plus tax lol
  10. Foresters can use infra-red tecknology to identify different species as pines spruces and maples ,for example, reflect heat differently. MJ also has it's own heat signature. A few plants in one area would likely not be recognizable. If a plantation were large enough to be identified this way it could be very easily seen by eye. Infra-red is not a practcal way to spot MJ, although it shows up large indoor grow-ops really well.
    When planting in the forest do not plant more than 4 or 5 plants in one spot and NEVER in rows or other geometic patterns. Trees and plants do not grow this way in nature.
  11. You are. MJ and coca plants will be at EXACTLY the same temperature as all other plants around them, so their heat signature is the same.
    But different plants reflect different shades of green in the visible spectrum, and an airborne spectrometer can differentiate between them - but only in the daytime.
  12. i was reffering to the movie cantharis lol..the bs i read on these threads is funny as 99% of us dont grow that damn many plants...i find these threads to b kinda funny heat seeking lol heres a kiker in another thread a guy was talking about 25 ft. indicas and another 99% thc hash how in da fuck can u get 99% thc from weed that doesnt get more than 25% is beyond me lmao...... ps u remind me of cliff from cheers

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