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  1. I thought i would post this i have never tried it myself but i thought some of you might find it interesting. A friend of mine use to plant in 5 gallon buckets in the woods and sometimes he would use pulleys to pull the buckets up in the air but he said he tied lead sinkers to the bucket handle all the way across so when the sun heats them up they will be hotter than the marijuana so when they are using the heat seeking goggles in the helicopters it would appear hotter than marijuana and would be overlooked as an animal or something. Anyways i don't know how good this works just thought id throw it out there in case anyone wanted to try it.
  2. I don't think much MJ is found by thermal imaging unless it is in grow houses. Most MJ found by choppers in the forest is spotted by cops with there ugly porcine heads stuck out the doors. Don't plant more than 4 or 5 plants in one spot and don't plant in rows or patterns.
  3. OK well around here you will never spot anything through the dense woods, the weed actually puts off heat at a certain range and they use heat detectors to spot it they have it in the newspapers around here all the time.
  4. Some muddled ideas here. Read my link below on Heat Detectors.
  5. OK like i said i may be wrong this is someones elses technique not mine but like him i am also one of the paranoid types so I just thought I would share that for the other noid types on here. I have never done this but i thought somebody else might want something to think about.
  6. bro, they cant "heat detect" grows outside because if you think about it, marijuanna does not grow "hotter" or "colder" than the other "weeds" all around it growing as well.

    Tell your friend to ditch the lead, it just adds weight, and go for a guerilla or hidden grow.
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    since we are being paranoid and giving the pigs far more credit than they ever deserve, i have a different angle...

    u say the lead weights heat up, and i know they do because i use a few dozen to hold down plastic in the garden. when they are hot and holding heat into the night (as some say MJ does more so than indigenous plants), it would seem to me that all the cops need to do is read this very thread and then go fly around looking for your "infrared markers" that you have graciously placed on a string pointing directly to your marijuana plants....

    honestly, the best way to grow MJ in the wild, is to just plant it in the wild. no buckets, tarps, ropes, infrared whizbangs, trails, or water cans... if the plants grow in the dirt like every other plant out there, and are randomly placed like every other plant out there, and arent over-fed or have the area around them sprayed with round-up or weed-whacked monthly, they are awful hard to spot, even at 150 feet in a heli...

    ive personally flown over known MJ spots in an ultralight during twilight(the best time to see stature and color) and had serious trouble finding them....and thats with the prior knowledge of the location and landmarks nearby. a cop does not have than luxury, and with out it, u simply cannot find them...and they dont :) ive also flown over fields and swamps at 500+ feet in the middle of day and could spot the stuff half a mile ahead...without knowing it was there... if you want to learn how to conceal MJ, go for a small plane ride in late september and look down...take note of what you see:)
  8. Right on. Thats my angle too i dont use buckets either just dig a bunch of scattered holes and fill them up. I dont think there is any way you can ever spot them the way the woods are around here. Like I said im just passin on somethin somebody else told me
  9. PS Heat always moves to cold so im sure the sinkers would not stay hot very long after the sun goes down if they do maybe i start keepin them, in my lunch box to keep my leftovers warm all day!
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    your right, they do cool down. the density of lead holds "RESIDUAL heat longer than anything less dense tho.... i cast my own roundballs for my flintlocks, and its surprising how long an ingot the sixe of a golfball stays hot. thers a lot of mass packed in a small space there with lead.

    i know you were just passing it on...i was just adding to the discussion:)
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    around my area law enforcement use topographical software to locate big grows.

    and a spectrometer,
  12. key words there:)
  13. Latent heat?? Density ?? That sentence is total gibberish.
    As a former teacher of physics, it is apparent that you do not wtf you are talking about.
  14. Im with you on this one ive always been told that heat always moves from warm objects to cold objects. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat: Heat tends to move from a high-temperature region to a low-temperature region.

  15. dont give a fuck what u did or taught. lead is dense. it holds alot more heat alot longer than a dam leaf or twig, you spanish genius. latent was the word coming to mind. fuck me if it wasnt the right one. "residual" was probably the one i was lookin for... who cares? my point was made regardless and it wasnt "gibberish". all done here
  16. Marijuana can be seen through some type of heat detector or something all you have to do is some how rig one of those emergency blankets from wal mart over the plants and the aluminum/polyester blocks the imaging. if u are ever out doing criminal stuff at night and theres a chance of a helecopter looking for you on foot have one on hand and run to a dense area or somwhere good to hide pull it out of your pocket unfold it and get under it completly and they wont be able to see you with the thermal imaging.
  17. Best Helicopter scrambler:

  18. Exqueeze Me?!

    Did someone say they thought MJ runs at different temps to their surrounding plants???

    Wow - I didn't know that Marijuana was warm blooded! :)
  19. every different element has a different heat capicity. meaning raising 1 cub cent 1 deg celcius. And stinky is correct, the heat from LEAD will stay hot longer than a leaf, but the amout of heat taken to raise the degree by 1 celcius IS NOT in correltion with the density.
  20. Anyone putting buckets of warm lead (or any other warm material) near their plants is totally wasting their time.

    The cops are not going to point heat detectors at a load of greenery that they KNOW will all be at the same temperature.

    THEY are not THAT stupid.

    Now airborne spectrometers - different story.

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