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  1. Every now and then a helicopter will come flying around, not too low this time but anyway, I live on a main road, there are houses on one side and behind the houses are woods. My plants are right before the woods.

    The route they take is parallel to the main road that I live on, they fly over the house and past it by a few more houses, make a U turn directed a little more close to the woods and head back the way they came still parallel to the main road. They go over my back yard and several other people's in the opposite direction. Then they came back after another U turn placing them almost directly above my crops when they reached my yard. This all took about 5 to ten minutes then I went inside. I can hear them coming back now.

    I am extremely anxious and worried because im not a legal grower and im putting whole family at risk.

    It may he unclear what im posting this for, but I want people's input regardless

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  2. Yeah They did a news piece on the helicopters they have in my state and what there capable of seeing ,detecting ect,I was shocked at the distances the can see from and all that shit.High tech shit.My states legal now so I assume there not flying around looking for plants but you never know,in your situation if it s not a common occurrence I wouln t worry ,you should check the news or paper to see if anything was going on that day ,most papers and news stations will let you go back in archives or past dates to check out the news for that day.
  3. Most of the time they are looking for a suspect, costs a lot to fly those so I doubt they are looking for a few plants.
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  4. What state are you in? I'd google state helicopter marijuana enforcement and see if your state actively uses heli-surveillance.
  5. Michigan, flint area

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  6. The police in the UK only go after big scale ops, or if your neighbours complain, and its not even legal at all here! Surely your police act on the same basis?
  7. They may be mapping grows, so when harvest time comes they know where to return to for the Bust/.
    never know
  8. Are you plants just out in the open or are they mixed in with the other plant growth around them
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    If they stop and Hover over your property and you see repel lines dropping
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  10. How many you have going? I'm not too far from you. If it's just a few I'd chop em and say screw it. Bud is plentiful around here. You have me freaking out too now because I know this is the time they start searching around here and I've been gone all morning running errands so I wouldn't know if they have been by at all.
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  11. It hurts when they land on you

    If you can't do the time don't do the crime
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  12. Agree.

    Strongly agree. Not worth putting family at risk
  13. Man, this guy has me tripping now, he is close to me, has helicopters circling him, and hasn't reported back. My garden is too big to just chop and toss and hide. I'm a legal medical card holder but I skate the line of legality a little. My neighbor started his lawn mower and I was convinced it was a heli coming to get me hahaha. I ran outside panicking, so now I'm taking a few shots of crown Royal to calm down cause theres nothing I can do anyways. Fuck it I guess.
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  14. Relax
    If you never saw a Helicopter scoping for weed before now than I would not worry
    States that do this do it every year,
    I get flash backs when I hear the Hueys myself
  15. What a waste of good tax money. Fly a fucking helicopter around and look for cannabis. I hate those choppers.
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  16. Naw this is a yearly thing. I've gotten lucky the last 7 years and it'll eventually run out. I've had a Chinook double rotor hover my crop during the whole Jade helm military practice thing a few years back. Scared the shit out of me.
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  17. Our dear senator here in ky... McDickonnel got $234,000,000 for weed eradication in Eastern Ky alone. Weve seen helis since June.
  18. Bet a checked your pants I would have LOL
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  19. Damn that's a lot of fucking money to waste to eradicate one of the most beneficial plants on the planet. What a fucking joke our government is. I'm in KY also. Before other states started legalizing cannabis, KY used to be one of the biggest cannabis producing states in the country. We'll probably be one of the last to go legal. I've seen plenty of choppers looking for cannabis in my lifetime. I hope to see the day when it's legal and we don't have to worry about this bullshit.
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  20. Here's my take. I would say 99% of the time you see an airplane or chopper that it is just regular air traffic. Op could live by a small airport that does helicopter pilot traning or courses.

    @michiganman I wouldn't worry dude. Unless you see 'em doing circles over your pad.

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