Heizenburgh is back... -My second grow.

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  1. Alrighty folks

    We are going to be growing some 60 Day Wonder -Whole bunch of miscellaneous free seeds -Bloody Skunk -Purple Haze -Sour Bubbly

    This is a sort of introduction to my grow. I am currently in the research and fund saving stage.

    I plan on using a 4x4 grow tent

    8,000 BTU AC with exhaust hose

    Two 300 watt roleadro LEDs

    All the other smaller necessities such as soil and pots will be taken care of later.

    I need some direction with nutes. I'd like to be feeding them the best shit I can.

    To put it simply, I'm kinda out of the loop. LED technology has advanced A LOT since my last grow. Prices have dropped substancly as well. If there's anything I'm missing, or anything else you all think I should add, let me know.

    Thanks in advance everyone,

  2. You'll likely need more light (like 4 300s) unless you don't plan on filling out the whole tent.

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  3. I plan on growing 5 plants at once, I was thinking 2 would be enough, but if you say 4 I can do that.

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