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  1. When it comes to vegetable or herb plants you can buy heirloom seeds.

    An heirloom seed is simply one that is not a hybrid. The benefit to growing heirloom vegetable is simple: you can keep the seeds and grow the same strain again the following year, as long as you yourself didn't cross pollinate.

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of heirloom Marijuana seeds. I would love to be able to pick the best of the few plants i grow to keep the seeds to grow again. If you try to grow seeds that come from a hybrid you really cant be sure what your growing, it could be the mother, or the father, or even the Grandfather of the plant. This causes a problem since different plants GROW differently, need different amounts of fertilizers and so on.

    Maybe a landrace strain, but the problem with that is im obviously not in the same enviornment its used to. I would be afraid of growing issues. Has anyone grown simply for the production of seeds?

    Bottom line: I would like to grow something that i can save the seeds to grow again the following year.
  2. Closest thing you'll come to finding an heirloom strain is working with DJ Short's Flo.
    If you can find Temple Flo out of the Flo phenotypes, you've got the heirloom.
  3. Pure landrace are very hard to come by. Few places carry them b/c they are not highly sought after for one, and they are often inconsistent, so they cross them with another strain then back cross into a true mother to breed out any inconsistencies.

    You can reproduce seeds form any F1 hybrid providing you buy regular seeds. Several places carry very good lines of strains which are true breeding. You can also grow out a F1 strain and select the traits and phenotypes you like best and pollinate it with a like male. F2 seeds are still very good stock, and if you are selective, you can inbreed a few times and get some pretty good seed stock in each successive generation.
  4. Pure Landrace are not hard to come by.
    If you need any help finding pure landrace let me know.

  5. Ok, show me where I can find pure landrace strains.
  6. seedboutique[.]com/store/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=25&products_id=1133

    Your wish is my command, I know where to get others as well.
  7. Go under the GN collection a lot of nice gems under there but the landrace i was trying to show you is Luang Proabang Lao Sativa
    During a recent excursion to the east we have been lucky enough to meet with the local population of Laos and the surrounding areas. This has given us access to some of the more �untainted� strains the world has to offer.

    Luang Prabang is a city in Northern Laos which lends it�s name to these seeds. Graced beautifully by the Mekhong river this area has had the benefit of not receiving much influence from the western markets while still providing a rich and fertile area for it�s indigenous strains. This has allowed the local strains to remain in their original states and therefore represents a rare and indulgent window into the past. Some of the strains in this area have been grown without outside influence for many years. We have recently sourced a batch of these seeds from a respected local farmer and are now proud to offer these to you as one of the many land race strains we will be providing in the future.

    Being a landrace strain there are obviously a few points to be considered. These seeds are not stabilised in the same way many of the western bred seeds are and as a result they retain their original beauty and traits. This also presents a very intriguing challenge to the grower. These seeds may express latent traits, they will be grown away from their native environment and offer an excellent insight into �historic growing. For this reason we do NOT recommend that novice growers attempt these, they are a challenge to grow well and many changes may be needed to see them reach their full native potential. If you�re a serious grower looking for a challenging strain, an old school grower who remembers fondly the Thai/Laos/Cambodia based strains of the past or are a breeder looking for original strains then these may be exactly what your interested in.

    Rest assured the smoke reports on these are very positive. The smoke is smooth and earthy with no roughness on the throat. An initial giddy high that slowly increases in intensity without those nasty palpitations, levelling out to a lasting high which is longer than an indica, this really is like a classic old school Asian Sativa. The bud itself is not the sparkly lime green crystal fest shown in most recent strains. The buds are shades of brown and copper with occasional hints of red, with the leafy look typical of a true Asian Sativa. Those of you who remember the fabled Thai sticks of old will definitely feel that tinge of nostalgia with this one.

    We have only a limited supply and interest in this blast from the past is bound to be high! Im sure many of you will get more than just nice plants from this strain, the appeal is there from many angles. We have decided to offer these in packs of 20 instead of the normal 10 to ensure you, the grower/breeder, have the best possible chance of finding that beautiful keeper and offer you the ability to retain something special available for the future.

    Flowering time: The Luang Prabang farmers report that in their native environment these seeds usually finish between 11-14 weeks. Outside that environment there may be some minor deviation from these times but we believe this deviation will not be significant. For those growing indoors we recommend they are flowered at 3rd internode or as soon as the plant shows asymmetry. As potentially the first westerners to grow these strains we are confident that these will prove a valuable resource for growers and breeders alike.
  8. You really need to read some of my posts. I spent 30 days in Thailand and surrounding areas collecting strains; Thai: Surat Thani Region, Rayong Province, Khorat Plateau, on this trip I also acquired various Cambodian and Laos varieties. Same with my Mexican and South American strains. Unaltered landrace strains are very rare and hard to come by. The Real Seed Co. has some decent landraces out of places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Laos. However, most other seed producers which are claiming true landraces are selling bred strains. Granted, they may have a dominant landrace trait, but they have been crossed to eliminate any undesirable traits. This means they cannot be classified as true landrace.

    Far east strains are very difficult to grow, most are very inconsistent and unpredictable. Thai is ne of my favorite grows, so much so that I made a cross of 3 very different Thai strains which created a very satisfying Sativa, although the down side is it takes 16 weeks to finish.

    For your more typical growers, they are very hard to come by and very hard to find.
  9. They're more difficult to find i'll give you that.
    If you're in the US there are great landrace varietys in Mexico.

  10. Not really anymore. Export cannabis use to be operated on a more family level. These families would use native villagers in cannabis growing regions to grow these crops; regions like Michoacan, Oaxaca, Acapulco, to name a few were the primary cultivators of these fine landrace varieties. In the early 90's Mexico became more involved in the Cocaine and Black Tar business, creating very wealthy drug cartels. Now with the price of cannabis being high again, it is now more profitable and these cartels have induced many other lines in an effort to improve potency, yields, and shorten flowering times. So these strains have been altered and the old world strain in it's original form is almost nonexistent now. I acquired some Michoacan bought back from that region and was greatly disappointed, some of them actually auto-flowered, those that did not showed sex quickly, which lead me to believe these have been crossed with a Ruderalis or other auto type strain like Mighty Might. The Michoacan I grew in the 80's took a full 12 weeks, often 13 to mature properly.

    Many of the landrace strains I have now are untouched, other than using detailed selections of males and females to run seed for future grows and breeding. I feel lucky to have preserved these rare landraces, as well as others, b/c genetics are getting criss crossed by breeders, those who do possess true landrace mothers and fathers are not sharing, only using them for breeding purposes, and many of the regions in South America, Central America, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc... are now very unstable and often far too dangerous to travel now. Thailand is still a good place to acquire genetics, as is Jamaica, and other more tropical areas.

    The problem with the more tropical areas is the traits most equatorial landrace varieties show and the inconsistent flowering cycles make them very unpredictable, much like your Eastern Asian varieties. So they are often only good for breeding in the eyes of most growers, and most breeders do not see any value in selling them b/c of the undesirable traits they tend to carry in their genes.
  11. Mandala seeds are hybrids directly from land races. they're somewhat stabilized though, i highly recommend growing em out.

  12. Yes, they are true F1 hybrids from very fine landrace strains. Satori is a favorite of mine. I think people overlook them b/c they are inexpensive and only sell regular seeds. Hashberry is a very nice strain and grows very true.
  13. i would like to purchase some of these untampered with seeds. help
  14. I have been tempted to buy Mazar-shariff a dozen times. Is this an original strain?
  15. You're nuts. Pure landrace Mexican,and Colombian weed still floats around my area of the country,the S.E. USA,sold as regs. I've been smoking since the late 60's,I can spot that stuff by look and taste. Oaxacan? I had a bag of nice Oaxacan bud this summer. Michoacan? It's common as dirt,in fact it's often called "dirt" by kids that don't know any better.

    Colombian? Red bud aka Punta Rosa is one of the more common type of regs sold here. The Colombian Black is the most common variety of regs you see in Florida. If you weren't around to get to know it the first time around,you don't know what it is now.

    These young cats just don't know what is what because they've been fed a line of Dutch,British,and Canadian seedhouse BS about their unstable hybrids with cute names being the only seed you can grow good weed from. And of course,since they're only one shot products,you've got to buy more when you want to do another grow.

    If you it's not a stable Landrace strain,you can't breed consistent weed from it,period.

    Granted the Mexican cartels are using different strains,particularly Skunks to get that smell Gringos like,but those old Mexican strains are still out there and you don't have to shell 50 bucks to some shady offshore seedhouse to get them. You can get a zip of the old Mex for 50-80 bucks with enough seed for years of grows and the same with Colombians at slightly higher price.

    Those guys up the page are just trying separate you from your hard earned cash.They could send you anything in a lil' package and call "Landrace Colombian Gold" and you don't have the knowledge base to know what it is. And neither do they in all probability.

    Save yourself a ton of money,buy a quarter or an eighth of an ounce of regs,roll one up and ask an old head over 50 you can trust,say your Dad or your Uncle,what it is. That's the only way you're gonna know for sure.
  16. thanks count. i myself have been smoking since'72 and yes all this genetically modified crap pisses me off. if these pot seeds were food seeds there would be an avalanche of complaint and hysteria about the destruction of god's gifts to the planet by huge commercial concerns. the problem is that i live in england where the only seeds available are hybrid.

    i would be happy to receive some of those mexican or columbian seeds that you mention. i would be happy to provide you with my home address... maybe you could send a few?
  17. I am so sick and tired of this bullshit with seed companies and crooks selling "strains" and "landrace" strains and telling people that it is normal that they are unstable and it is great that they have different phenotypes and all that other blabla.

    Strains are strains because they are STABLE and homogenous if you grow out the seeds that were pollinated with the same strain.
    If the plants are not the same every generation they are not a strain!!

    The seed companies tell the idiot customers that it is completely normal that they have to pay 50 Euros for 10 seeds and then the plants they grow out have different phenotypes and then they tell the idiots thats completely normal and should be that way.
    No it is not normal! And yes it is a rip off to sell seeds for so much money.
    A plant can give 5000 to 10000 seeds maybe even more if its a really big one.
    Do the math for gods sake!

    And the Real Seed Company is just another rip off company. The strains are not stabel, they even write it in their descriptions and on the forums->

    Landrace strains are always stable! Whoever tells you something else is a liar!

    Imagine a professional gardener would buy tomato seeds and every plant would be different and the fruits too, he couldn rely on his business partners or his business would go down the drain.
    But in the cannabis seed business they sell the customers overprice SHIT and the idiots hail them as breeding overlords.

    It is all SKUNK and HAZE and the rest is lost forever, because greedy mafia bastards and seeds salesmen have extinguished cannabis diversity.
    What governments couldnt do they did: THANKS !!
  18. Yes 5000 seeds may come off a plant. How many growings did it take to get that plant with 5000 seeds? It seems all simple on the end side. But it takes tons of work and commitment to get it there.
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    Oh dont make me cry. Those poor "breeders" and seed bank owners (mafia).

    The work was done (badly) decades ago from a few and since then it was exploited by many.
    Exploited how?
    Take a badly bred "strain", find a lonely place, grow plants, pollinate the plants, collect seeds, repeat and rename the "strain" every few years.
    Then to get more thrill into the whole game, take more unstable "strains" and "hybrids" cross those to create even more unstable wonder "strains".
    Sell the seeds for a horrendous price and start the PR machine and brainwash the poeple.
    Great job and great commitment.
    Reward: millions, risk: maybe a little prison (if you dont behave and the mafia wants to get rid off you) or only a few houndred thousand a year

    Even an idiot with an IQ of 10 can breed like the seed banks and breeders in the cannabis industry do and probably do a better job at it.
    And thats a effing fact!

    What else was the great work they did? and the great commitment?
    Ahhhhh YES! Thats right, they took Skunk#1 and spread it all over the world and turned every open pollinated strain into a Skunk#1 "hybrid".
    They extinguished the diversity, overcharge the people, don't share the strain diversity in case they have collected the open pollinated strains before turning them into shit and if they do share heirloom strains, they overcharge again, cross them with unstable shit, dont select, do whatever they want and then get hailed by the community as the saviour of the cannabis diversity.
    In truth they are crooks, con artists, masters of deception only there to grab enough cash from the idiot customers to pay for their coke habit and their prostitutes and their big houses and cars which they are proud of.
    The great job they did is lying, cheating, deceipt, thievery, destruction of ancient knowledge and diversity, exploitation and what not
    What an effing joke this industry is.

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