Heineken Mini Keg?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wet Horse Lips, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Anyone bought and drank one of these?

    Are they worth it or would I be better off getting cans?

    I was thinking of getting one. It's $29.95.

    Should I?
  2. It's just a novelty really... If you don't drink it the first couple days alot of sediment settles at the bottom and its really nasty.

    Unless your getting it for a party I would suggest getting cans or bottles.
  3. It said on the keg that it pours 19.5 regular sized drinks.

    I guess I'll just get tallboys or something.
  4. Nah, those are only like 16 beers I think. My friend, who is a rich douche, got one last semester, its not worth it.
  5. MY buddy got one on his birthday, just carried it on his shoulders with a straw all night.... im pretty sure he finished the whole fucking thing, i digress...

    For the price and beer its not a bad deal, considering 12 James Ready is still $20, so for only 10 more you get good beer, like a extra 6 pack. If its $30 with deposit you'll probably get like $5 back.

    Im a JR man myself haha

  6. Same, its not even about the price either, its a good beer. I would take a case of James Ready over Heineken any day. But that's just me.

    I don't remember exactly how many beers I got out of my Heineken mini keg but it was probably around 15. 19 is pushing it.
  7. I got one for a party a few months ago. You do get a lot of beer for your money, but you really have to drink it all in one night, plus it won't fit in a fridge easily, plus you get a shitload of foam with your beer. Recommend getting cans or bottles instead.

  8. Yeah, I usually get sick of beer and have to change, but ive been on jrs for awhile now.

    I think the only beer the same price as JR is that fucking awful lakeport, i wont even bother to fucking capitalize it
  9. They're cool man. I smashed a hookah when I was wasted and made a replacement chamber with one of them. It was the daddy.
  10. Stop talking about Canadian beer

    I have no frame of reference
  11. I got 4 or 5 of them a while back, I don't think the price is worth it. Once it gets close to the bottom it's just all foam. Doesn't last as long as it should imo. I would just get bottles or cans. :smoking:

    Also when I bought them they were 20 dollars...30 is just a waste.
  12. They are a bitch to open. If you fuck up you have to drink out of a pinhole leak at the top.
  13. There's like 2 steps to opening it....

    I love getting them cuz I love draught style beer, but if you open it right from the store it'll be all foam. Keep it in the fridge overnight, it makes a world of difference. And don't shake it up either :p
  14. Ummm... Heineken tastes like shit.

    Not as bad as the beast though.
  15. Me and the army boys get em and do keg stands off of them bra, fun ass fuckin shit, gets some laughs to.
  16. Fixed that error for ya.
  17. Yeah Al, wth! Heineken is godly!

    So, I ended up getting the following.

    6 tall cans of:

    2 Heineken
    2 Grolsch
    1 Stella Artois
    1 Becks

  18. i like heineken over grolsch. my dad drinks that and its just not me man.. but becks dark is pretty tasty as well.
  19. I'm just a fan of most import beer. :)

    Stuff like Lakeport, Carling, JR, etc. is not my thing, at all.

  20. well im a fan of import beer..

    because its canadian. haha

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