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  1. I was wondering what the heights were for outdoor plants? I was hoping mine would be like 1 to 2 feet max and not fat. What are most plants like bagseeds like?
  2. It depends first on the type of weed, is it indica or sativa? indica plants can get up to 6 feet tall, where i've heard of some sativa plants growing up to 9 feet tall. It can also depend on when in the season you plant. If you plant closer to the fall, and your plant only has 30 days to veg before it goes into flowering, then it will be smaller, maybe a max of 4 feet. It can also depend on how much nutrients you give it, but most likely if you plant now they won't get taller than 5-6 feet.
  3. The record for satvias highest is like 20 or something crazy.

    But you can cut your plants look up topping t. you trim them to control the highth i think.

    Indicas are generally shorter and fatter than satvia.

    It think it depends o nthe weed like most like chronic is satvia, kush is indica form iran n shit, and dros a hybid im not really that sure about dro.
  4. you would have to plant late.get some autoflower
  5. Damn, cause my older bro planted some last year outside and they were like 2 feet...i didnt notice it till he point it out in the woods but they were males. I planted right along the grass beside the woods where other shurbs grow and hope it blends in(other plants around it looks like marijuana but isnt).I dunno, hope mom dont see it.
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    Dro isn't a type of weed, it refurs to hydroponics, a method for growing.

    People always seem to get this confused.

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