height restriction problem. any ideas

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  1. i have 3 girls growing in a height restricted cupboard. its about 5' in height. two of my girls are short and bushy but one is tall and bushy. i woke up yesterday to find that the tallest girl had grown onto the bulb (70w mh i have 4)it has burnt the 2nd leaves 1st being the growing tip. im not to worried about the damage, its not that bad. my problem is though if my plants are in 2nd week of flowering and one is the height of the cupboard, and touching the lights. how can i stunt her growth vertically. please any comments welcome. thanks all.

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  2. well im no expert but ive read that u can bend them over and tie em off and top them. that will give your side branches time to catch up and might give u the room u need. hope it helps :bongin:
  3. check your private messages for viable remedies
  4. with your limited lighting, i'd have done a scrog. as mentioned, you can tie them down or you can pinch them.

  5. 3 really good suggestions above.

    Crebing/bush master will work.

    Bending will work w/o stress or interupted growth.

    Toppings good 2
  6. Ganja Guerrilla, i must apologise for never saying thanks to this post. i have only just had a chance to access my e-mail but your ideas were superb. THANKS!!!

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