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  1. I have a tentful of 5 Beautiful Sativa clones and 1 Bagseed clone at 64 days from rooting. So maybe theyre considered older
    They love the light (400 watt HPS). Too much.
    Their parents burned themselves badly (some to death) in the last grow.
    This grow I did a great deal more topping and fimming.
    They are far bushier than their parents, with a lot more buds.

    What can I do?

    We are deep into flowering. Every growing point is a bud not something to Fim or Top, as it was in Vege.
    2 of them are seemingly racing to the light. Big Buds at the fore.
    I cant raise the light any higher.

    Ive got to stop them and I dont know how.

    Otherwise a Beautiful grow.
    Will post pix as soon as I get my camera back
  2. Take the two top growths, and tie them downward very gently. That should keep them from burning up.

  3. I also suggest lst/tying them down like keylime said.
  4. Appreciate your help
    Not exactly sure what you mean.
    Tie it with what and to what.
    Its over four feet tall.
    Heading for 5, quick.
    And Devious.
  5. I use yo yo stings and garden ties to tie my plants down. I just have holes around the lip of my buckets that i ran a string through and then I can take another string and attach it to the plant and tie it down with the string running around the bucket.
  6. here are some pictures that might help


  7. [quote name='EscapeFromCali']here are some pictures that might help
    Nice pix thanx
  8. Definitely try LST.

    I dunno if it'll produce more bud sites like it would had you started during veg, but it will help.

    What kind of containers are you using? I'm using 3 gallon buckets, and it's very easy - you can do this with any plastic container. Just drill small holes around the lip of the container, for your string/cord/pipe cleaner/whatever you decide to use to go through. Then you want to make an anchor, so when you bend the plant over, it won't rip the root out. Just fasten your string or whatever to the base of the stem, and run that through one of the holes and pull it tight, but not too tight that it's pulling the plant up. Then do basically the same thing on the opposite side, except fasten your string around a top part of the plant, which will bend it over. Since your plants are pretty big, you might want to go ahead and bend it to the right or left...you'll just have to see.

    I dunno if that made sense, but there's lots of guides on how to LST - it's pretty simple after you've done it and see how it works firsthand.

  9. Thanks.
    I think I got it.
    Ill try.

  10. Oh yeah,
    Nice pic for your avatar
  11. Lol thanks man, I'm a huge fan of Shepard Fairey...

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