Height for `1000w Gavita

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jimihendrix42, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. I don't know if the Gavitas any better. Both of them will give you more than enough light to burn them up with.

    At 815w, that will only give you a few inches vs running them 1000w. Id raise them to 348 inches, and run em 1000w if you can.
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  2. Both great lighting systems I guess ? Yeah I suppose the old back of the hand trick will do
    Have 2m 20 to play with height wise so was just worried about that being enough

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  3. 2m x 20 inches =

    98.74 inches..8.22 feet.

    Container Height 1 foot or 12 inches

    86.74 inches left

    38 inches from top of canopy.

    48.74 inches left

    Looks to me you could have a 4ft tall plant. 48 inches at 38 inches from canopy top. Looks about right.

    Just needs great air flow.
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  4. Great input thanks jimi am I able to get closer than 38inches or is that a max
    I’ve been using x2 600w digital ballasts blue bulbs during veg. Can I use my epaps during veg also? Or should I stick with my blue bulbs for veg
    Thanks stedz

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  5. 2 x DE Phillips are basically good for 60sq ft at 38 inches. Gavita told me 1000wDE is good for 10 x 6 and they say its good for this size at 36-40 inches. Its Really blasting 5 x 5, but still good light at 30sq ft per light.

    I wouldn't try and go closer than 36 inches. 38 may be better. It just depends on the strain. Some may like 40 inches better. 36 may be fine. Id start at 38. 40 even. You can always lower them, but if they get burned/stressed, time is lost for recovery.

    I think those 2 x 600w will blast them in a 3 x 6 area. for Veg. That's 66w Sq/Ft. Did I say that's blasting them?? They'll grow like crazy, just make sure the bulbs are NEW/STRONG/

    Using the Epap for extra veg depends on how many plants/females you plan on running in flower, and the size of the containers?

    Id veg the crap out of 10 females to about 2 feet tall, strain dependent, in 5 gallon containers with the 2 x 600w, and then repot to 20 Gallon for flowering. I like trees.

    I also like Promix BX.
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  6. Ok thanks for all that information mukka will run them 40 inches to start with see how they get on
    If the lighting is not adequate for my area I will not use them
    Yeah I’ve potted up now and I’m final 20 litre pots so should grow like trees they are currently 3f tall
    I do have a grow journal set up on here if you ever get time to have a look
    Big thanks stedz

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